Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I am totally lame....and ambitious

Labor Day was spent at the beach. Yep, we made a six hour trek to Destin with Meg and Skip. It was ambitious for such a short time, but that's how we roll. My camera somehow stayed on the kitchen table. Sorry to disappoint.

I make it sound like we live on the edge but I have to admit I'm feeling quite lame. I think that will be my biggest struggle with being a stay at home mom. Believe it or not my brain is somewhat overactive. Therefore, when my day is constantly spent saying the words Molly and shoe over and over again with a peek-a-boo thrown in here and there my overactive brain runs circles around itself. Fortunately for me I have A LOT to do this week due to my continuing absent mindedness. I will explain more with pictures next week when it's all said and done. Let's just say, again, that I am overly ambitious. Unfortunately for Seth, he will be helping me. Good thing he is a rockstar of a husband.

Anyway, just because I know you are wondering, here are the latest additions to Lila's QUICKLY expanding vocabulary:

-peek-a-boo (yes she says the whole thing!)
-toes (and she points to them)
-ears (sounds nothing like ears actually, BUT she points to them and says something that she thinks sounds like ears)
-belly button (and she points to it, but again she mostly only says belly and something that she thinks sounds like button)
-no (yep, love this one)

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