Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten little monkeys jumping on the bed

Ok, only three little monkeys...I do tend to exaggerate. Today was playdate Tuesday with the girls on my street. Well, just one girl and her kiddos for this one. Unfortunately, I am VERY mad at myself because I did not capture this fantastic moment. I am such a photography slacker these days.

Anyway, my neighbor Sonja has a little boy who is three (Teddy) and a little girl who is not too far from being one (Samantha). We ventured into Lila's room today and Teddy was trying to climb into Lila's crib. Teddy has been in a big boy bed for a while now, but his longing gazes into the crib told me he needed to reminisce for a bit. So, I did what seemed like the neighborly thing to do and hoisted him into the crib. Of course, the two little ones just had to follow suit and before we knew it there were three small children in a not so large crib. Samantha was by far the funniest. She gripped the bars of the crib like she was in jail only with a massive smile on her face. Teddy started jumping and Lila was just in awe of the fact that her most favorite place on earth was now inhabited by her friends. It may have been the cutest ten minutes ever.

Then Lila started getting dangerously close to stepping on Samantha and we decided it was time for the party in the crib (yea, I said it) to be over. Of course there were screams and looks of "mommy you never let me have any fun" all over the place. I'm just sayin'...if you have multiple kids and you need to pass the time put them all in a really small, confined place and see what happens. You could be really pleasantly surprised. In fact, I plan to do it tomorrow with Carson and Lila when they are both whining at me like they are bored out of their minds. I'm hopeful it will be as joyous as it was today but something tells me that Teddy made it the most fun it could possibly be. Without him it may pale in comparison, but it's worth a shot! This time I promise to get a picture....speaking of pictures...I am going to leave you with two just for poops and giggles (trying to be PG here).

This is what Lila did all weekend. Why do they LOVE the car seat when it isn't in the car?

And this would be how Lila has taken to "wearing" her clothes. Actually, this is one of Carson's burp cloths. Same difference. Anything cloth goes around her neck and is tightly gripped under the chin. Not sure how this translates because I obviously do not wear scarves in August. Maybe she just can't figure out how to make it go on over her head? Regardless, she thinks she looks like a movie star and who I am to disagree? There are many teenage years ahead for us to battle it out...for now I choose to let her believe that something you barf on is perfectly suitable around your neck.


  1. This last picture is hilarious! She does look like a movie star!

  2. I love it! I'll have to send some more "decorative" burp cloths next week :) She can really start coordinating!


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