Thursday, August 12, 2010

Take two beers and jump

I rarely listen to the news or really know much about what's going on anywhere other than maybe Tucker, GA and Hollywood. I mean, I check Perez Hilton randomly, I love some People magazine, and there's always E! News/Entertainment Tonight. But lately in the mornings I have been listening to the Bert Show on the radio while I have my coffee and Lila inhales her cheerios. I'm not saying that the Bert Show is filled with a lot of news per say, but the story I heard this morning was just glorious.

Of course, Seth might as well be Tom Brokaw. He is ALL ABOUT the news. So last night he read something about this story to me. I was tired and distracted (by Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami) so I only half listened (sorry honey). Therefore, when I heard the actual story again on the Bert Show I thought, oh now I get it!

Steven Slater was one of the most well liked, diligent employees of Jet Blue Airlines. I say was because I'm pretty sure he's going to lose his job. If you haven't heard the story here is a short version on msnbc. And here is Jimmy Fallon singing about it.

What I find so interesting about this story is that I believe it might be the most identifiable, job related story to come out in quite a while. I mean, if you can't relate to what this guy did you have either never actually had a job, all of your jobs have been PERFECT (you are delusional), or you are the reason people do things like this. I can say for myself that I had many, many moments where I wanted to take two beers and jump in almost every job I've ever had. That's why they call it work. It's not supposed to be rosy all the time. I also want to add the disclaimer that while my current boss is on a rampage on the phone with Lord knows who (yes I am blogging while she is doing this...but she has been doing this for the past 20 minutes and I don't have the heart to interrupt), this is the best job I have ever had...and I still sometimes have the job sort of feelings.

So in honor of my readers (I love saying that like there are millions of you), I want to acknowledge those of you who are sitting at a desk, running around like a chicken with your head cut off, dealing with a CRAZY coworker/boss/customer/student, or are just plain fed up with what you do every day. I'm not advocating losing your job. I'm advocating the fantasy of grabbing a drink and having some choice words with some choice people as you exit your workplace. Everyone likes a good fantasy every now and then right? Happy daydreaming and just know, you are not alone.

One more tidbit for a good a recovering Farmville addict, I salute this girl for calling out her boss. Bravo HOPA.

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