Thursday, August 19, 2010


This would now be the second day in a row that I have gotten up before Lila to shower. I must say, I should have done this all along. I think I got excited about sleeping in (who was I kidding?). Never in my life have I ever been or will I ever be a morning person. BUT, I could totally dig this showering alone, drinking coffee before it's cold kind of start to the day. Today I just barely got mascara on so I missed the coffee, but it doesn't matter. The day starts off so much better.

Today I plan to go to Ace Hardware and buy the items I need for canning/jarring things. Patty has totally inspired me. I am also in the beginning stages of planning a diaper bag for Josie. Again, here I go being overly ambitious but I'm excited for the challenge!

In the progressing world that is Lila there are MANY things going on really quickly right before our eyes. Here are a few tidbits about how she is changing and growing:

- SIDE NOTE - Every bit of our child looks like Seth....but almost every bit of her acts like me (now or when I was little). If you know me well, see if you can find the similarities.

* She has developed quite a shy side. Don't let her fool you though. Just ask my friend Christine. Wait ten minutes and Lila will talk your ear off. Christine found a quick in with Lila by discussing Molly.
* She also embarrasses easily. If she takes a tumble she runs to me and hides her head. Sometimes she even cries. It's heartbreaking really.
* She has learned the art of a good hug. I can't seem to get her to kiss yet, but her hugs are breathtaking. She lays her head on your shoulder, pats your back with one hand, and grips tightly with the other. 
* She can be a bit unconventional. In Lila's world you go up slides, not down them. You also feed the dog stickers but that's another post.
* She doesn't like to be unstable. Swings, as you have seen, are not an option. Neither are big jumpy things at Monkey Joes. I think it's a control thing.
* She has a flair for the dramatic. Yesterday I actually started jumping up and down when she was fake crying hysterically and she busted out laughing. Then she realized I caught her in the act and started fake crying again. I'm totally hip to her game. I just wish she knew that and would give it up already.
* Her most recent word of choice is shoe. She brought me Seth's shoe this morning and said it a zillion times while trying to put on the shoe. Then of course I tried to take a video of this and she stopped saying it.
*She has somewhat of an aversion to Carson. I don't think it's actually Carson per say, but babies younger than her touching her stuff in general. Right now they are only awake at the same time for about three hours of the day. I spend most of that time trying to figure out how to teach Lila not to grab things from Carson. Any pointers?

Alright, that's all I've got for today. We are off to a consignment sale....wish me luck!


  1. I am green with envy that you get a morning shower to yourself! That is awesome. My 21 month old still wakes up at 530! BOOOOO!!

  2. Hey! You are welcome to borrow any of my canning stuff...lord knows we probably won't be using it at the same time. Just let me know!


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