Friday, June 25, 2010

"To me, beauty and motherhood are one"

When I entered the world of blogging I did for me. I did it to keep a record for myself and my kids. I did it as a release.  The more I follow blogs and read about the lives of friends and of strangers, the more I am astonished at how other people's blogs affect me.

I learn about raising kids and the joys, frustrations, and skills that come with being a parent.

I get a glimpse into intimate details of lives that aren't that different from mine even if they are miles and miles away or right around the corner.

Someone teaches me step by step how to sew a dress, bake a cake, or make a cheap meal.

I get a fantastic laugh at just the right moment.

Today, I stumbled upon this video and this blog and for the first time reading a blog has had more than just an everyday appeal. It is profound, moving, and inspiring. Religious or not, I challenge you to read about her life. Let me know what you think....I love comments (hint, hint).


  1. I've been reading her blog since her airplane accident happened and she's an amazing person. I love this blog!

  2. I love Nie Nie! I lived in Arizona when her accident happened, and now live in Utah, and personally knowing all the places and things that they talk about makes her blog even more meaningful to me. I love that video too, it's so inspirational and heartwarming.


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