Monday, June 28, 2010

On a mission

I am trying to open the "thinking outside the box" portion of my brain to include getting the things I want for pretty much nothing. This isn't solely based on me not working right now, but that does heavily weigh in on my motives.

I am a somewhat recent Starbucks addict. Coffee used to revolt me. Plain old coffee still does actually. The problem is, I am a raging coffee snob. There is ONE and only one coffee drink that I will drink over and over again. It is the cinnamon dolce latte.  I am embarrassed to tell you how many times I purchased one of these this past school I'm not going to tell you. Let's just say I got to the point where I bought my own look-alike Starbuck's cup to continue my environmentally friendly ways. Unfortunately, that cup seemed to only make it easier to spend entirely too much on a beverage entirely too often.

Enter summer! The insane heat hit and the thought of a super hot beverage made me ill. So I did what any Starbucks junkie would do and switched over to the caramel frappuccino for a few months.  They even make it light now and they claim it's only 150 calories! Jackpot!

I have justified this bad habit by telling myself that Seth eats out for lunch almost every day and I eat lunch at home. STILL, frivolously spending almost $5 on something that isn't a massive piece of chocolate cake or a greasy hamburger is just stupid.

A change must be made! However, when I say I'm addicted, it's not really an exaggeration. The minute I think about getting one, there's no going back. As I was leaving Starbucks today I decided I had to figure this out. I came home and googled how to make your own caramel frappuccino. Wouldn't you know this is what I found on multiple websites:

"To make your own version of the Starbucks caramel frappucino, you will need half a cup of cold coffee, 3 tbsp. sugar, half a cup of milk, 2 cups of ice, 3 tbsp. caramel sundae syrup and whipped cream. Combine all these ingredients into an osterizer, blend until the ice is crushed. Continue blending until consistency is smooth, serve in coffee glasses, top with whipped cream and an optional caramel syrup."

I don't believe it. I just don't. That sounds like probably the easiest thing to make on the planet. Could it be true? I also searched for the love of my life latte and that search is still ongoing because it seems WAY harder. I will be attempting the above "frappuccino" in the next few days. I am SO skeptical, but it's worth a shot.

In future money saving posts I will discuss my recent attempts at sewing pretty much everything...could get ugly...

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  1. i got one of these|4|1||4|bialetti||0&cm_src=SCH

    for making lattes, but honestly, coffee and warm milk is just easier and just about as good. you can buy the cinnamon dolce syrup



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