Sunday, June 20, 2010

The fruits of our labors

I honestly can't remember if I ever posted much about the vegetable garden that Sara and I started back in April/May. If you have seen any of these pictures already I apologize. Today I pulled the first tomato off of the plant! And I ate it! I wish Sara had been here. She was way more excited about this garden than I was to begin with and she was the only one to water it for a long time. But, she's in Europe!  So, maybe she's checking the blog and this will put a smile on her face...a bigger smile than she already has anyway :-)

In the beginning...

A little further along...

(had to throw her in there - sour face due to way too sunny :-)

And now.... (I ate the littlest one)


lima beans


please ignore the insanely high grass

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