Monday, May 3, 2010

See the progression

I am going to try VERY hard to make this short and sweet because the bulk of this post is going to be pictures.  There are two things I want you to notice in said pictures. One, the absolutely adorable squishy tushy in the finally ready cloth diaper.  It took me all weekend to prep the diapers, but they are done and I am SO excited. It will be a bit of a process until we are fully operating without disposables (most of the time), but after all of this talking about it I am glad we are getting the ball rolling.

The next thing that is probably hard to miss is where that squishy tushy has found itself.  We have never been big proponents of Lila watching TV. I broke down and bought two Baby Einstein videos when Lila turned 6 months and she really could have cared less about them. Once Carson started coming over Sara would turn on Baby Da Vinci while she fed Carson to try to keep Lila occupied. And so began Lila's love affair with Baby Einstein. She only watches it once a day at most, but she seriously LOVES it. She claps and laughs at the puppets and just has the best time. AND, she has begun to dance. But that will be another post because my short and sweetness is getting long winded. I bought an animal Baby Einstein and today was the first time she had seen it. See for yourself...

**DISCLAIMER - I apologize for the yellowness of a lot of these pictures. I am learning.

I am fully aware that our mega TV should never have a baby that close to it. We are working on this. It was just too cute not to take pictures of.

Lastly, as with most babies/kids there are things in our house that Lila "loves" and tends to focus on. One of those things is an adirondack style chair that is in our den. She plays around it and constantly rubs her fingers on the weaving of the wood in the part you sit on. So today I thought I would give her a chance to actually sit in it. I think she enjoyed herself...

This chair is WAY cool and I am so cool in it...

...oh but that camera looks pretty fantastic too!

Don't go :-(


....and now chair time is over.


  1. Those pictures are adorable!

  2. That's so cute Jana - I don't think she felt like she could close enough to the TV! I love it! What a doll!

  3. Yay for trying cloth diapers!!! I've heard the "new" ones are awesome anyway! :-)

  4. I'm loving her yellow cloth diaper!


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