Saturday, April 10, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

*Disclaimer - This post is going to be super long. I have a lot to tell!

First things first. Our spring break trip to West Palm Beach went fantastically well. I mean, Sara was with me, but I would like to think that even if she hadn't been we would have done equally as well. Lila never ceases to amaze me with her flexible, easy going nature. My dad's house isn't exactly baby friendly, but we managed to keep Lila from breaking anything. She really enjoyed their coffee table due to the shelf it has that is very close to the ground. She spent a great deal of time removing everything on the shelf and scattering it around the room. More on that later. We took a little trip to the beach, did some bike riding, checked things out at Tiffany's to make sure it was all still fabulous, and we did an awesome amount of laying around. All in all, just what spring break should be right?

This fantastic spring break has included even more than the trip. I have begun to attempt to make a dress for Lila. I bought what claimed to be an incredibly easy dress pattern on etsy. Yes, it has been fairly easy. However, the size I am doing is 12-18 months and I already know it does not fit. So far I have the top part of the dress completed. In other words I just need to add the skirt. When I tried to put it on Lila the arm holes were too small which means the straps are not long enough. It's just barely not big enough which I should have guessed would happen with my baby! On the plus side I still have a lot of the super cute, very inexpensive fabric I bought at Ikea to try again. I also feel much more confident than when I started so hopefully round two will be much neater. Once I am done with the first attempt I will post a picture in case anyone wants a free little girl dress :-)

Last night I went out with a few girls from high school and it was so much fun. I don't get to see these girls much and they all have kids so it was nice to be surrounded by other moms. That isn't so much the case in my close group of girl friends (yet) so I really appreciated all the baby/kid talk. It's so interesting to see how other moms do things!

Today Super Natural Momma, Renee, held a "Growing a Greener Family" class that I attended. It was really helpful and interesting to say the least.  While I am nowhere near where I would like to be in the spectrum of "going green", I do think I am headed in the right direction. I am purchasing cloth diapers on Monday which I am VERY excited/nervous about. I realized I already do a lot of what Renee talked about which was refreshing. I also found that there are really easy things I could be doing that I am not. For instance, just the types of cleaners that I use in my house could easily change and become cheaper for that matter.

Sara and I have been talking for a while about starting a vegetable garden. I have to admit that this totally overwhelms me. BUT, we got some shovels and started digging. That lasted about twenty minutes until we came across a funnel type pipe that is used to carry the gutter water from the house to the end of the backyard so that the front of the backyard doesn't get flooded. It's not a big deal, but we obviously can't grow right on top of it. So we paused until Seth can lend a hand and tell us how to do this right. Unfortunately, Seth is in spring work hell so you will just have to stay tuned for the possible vegetable garden updates.

Lastly, Seth and I finally got some time to go on a date tonight! We went to dinner and to see the movie Shutter Island. I know my tastes aren't shared by everyone, but I have to say that this movie is 100% my kind of movie. I am not Leo's biggest fan, but I am really shocked that he wasn't nominated for this movie. If you haven't seen it and you like psychological thrillers, this movie is for you!

Alright, now for the "quick" update on the center of my world. I really can't believe that in six weeks I get to be with her like this every day. I truly cannot wait.

1) I am absolutely sure that her real first word is dog. Yes, she says da da da da da all the time and she says ma ma when she is upset, but dog is the real first word in my opinion. She has a book that talks about baby animals and when she grabs it she turns to the big puppy page and says "dogga". Sometimes I think she says it in reference to Molly, and I think I kind of forced it at my dad's with his dog. BUT, yesterday we were in the laundry room and I was folding clothes. She crawled over to the big bag of dog food on the floor, pointed at the picture of the dog on the bag, and said "dogga" again! That cemented it for me. This is no surprise because she is mildly obsessed with dogs.

2) Her other favorite activity, as mentioned above, is what I am going to call object removal. If toys are in a basket, clothes are in a drawer, magazines/books are on a table, or papers are in a nice, neat stack to be filed, she can't stand it. She quickly and with great purpose removes everything until she has scattered it around the room. If you put it back as she takes it out, she quickly goes back and takes it out again. There is no method to the madness. In fact, sometimes she gets so into it things just go flying over her shoulder left and right. It's quite funny (usually).

3) Now we are going to combine numbers one and two. Lila has suddenly realized that if she drops her food on the floor Molly will voraciously eat it. So, mealtime has become the "one for Lila, one for Molly" game. This is a bit surprising considering the bottomless pit she tends to be. It really does puzzle me that she is just giving away so much food. I have tried to stop her and say no and all of that, but she just stares right at me the whole time while gliding her little hand over the edge. She knows she isn't supposed to do it, but she cannot seem stop herself.

Alright, I have written entirely too much in one post! I have great pictures and videos from this week that I will post later on. If you read this whole thing I am so impressed! (thank you for doing so ;-)


  1. I sometimes wonder how kids just have this knack of throwing things around... maybe its a sign that we should groom them as Olympic athletes? or maybe not lol

    I really like your blog! Keep up the good work,...

  2. Hooray for first words! Marlie's was "gug" which has evolved into "dag" and like Lila she only says it when she sees our Maltese or another dog. I love the tossing game!


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