Tuesday, March 30, 2010

These are the days

Everyone thinks they have the cutest kid. Parents are so biased because they are so obsessed with their perfect little creation. I am no different, and I need to express what I love so very much about my little girl in this moment.

- When she is really, really tired you cannot get her thumb out of her mouth. If it's past her bedtime she doesn't usually get whiny or upset. She just hard core sucks her thumb. And then she smiles when you try to pry the thumb out to change her clothes. It's that sneaky little smile like she knows she isn't listening to you. Fiesty!

- She eats dirt. Ok, so that's not the most endearing quality, but it truly makes me giggle for some reason. I can sweep, vacuum, mop and then do it all again and she will seek out the one speck of dirt that is left on the floor and promptly shove it in her mouth. You would think we don't feed her, but I promise we do. In fact, Seth thinks I feed her too much!

- She loves lima beans. She inhales them actually. It's quite interesting to watch her eat right now because it's so intense and purposeful. A little bit of me comes out when she eats (go figure) because it's a little OCD.

- Everything she does makes me laugh. This scares me because at some point when I have to discipline her it will be very hard for me to even take myself seriously. I have this problem with her dad actually. We never  end up getting in fights because he makes me laugh (eventually).

This little girl makes me so very, very happy (if you can't tell). I simply cannot wait to spend every waking minute with her this summer!


  1. I love your post! So incredibily sweet! I remember thinking how it wouldn't be possible to love them more - so cute, so sweet, so absolute love! Even eating dirt off the floor (mine once snagged the gum under an O'Charley's table. All his brothers were like, "Where you'd get that. . . EEEeooooowwwwwww." And then they smile, or laugh or touch your face and it's all over.

    One of my favoraite quotes is from Charles Dickens: "It is not a slight thing when they who are so fresh from God love us." I think that's what dazzles us - that freshness from God!

    Your beautiful/funny post made me smile:)

  2. I swear little girls can get away with anything! all they have to do is flash that winning smile. my little one can also find the speck of crap on the floor like she has radar. hooray on the cloth diaper!

  3. I think my favorite part of parenting so far are those little things that only we as moms & dads get to know about them or see--eating dirt, those certain smiles, etc. Thanks for sharing some of yours!


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