Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wants versus needs

Have you ever come across something to purchase that could get something done for you ten times easier and faster but you don't actually NEED it? You have a perfectly fine way of doing it with what you have, but this pricy wonder item is almost haunting you. For instance, I think I may or may not have registered for the $300 mixer as a wedding gift. Either way, I did not get one. I like to bake, but I have always felt that I am getting by just fine with my hand mixer. Yea it would be fabulous to have the mixer, but not necessary. And I don't have $300 just sitting around to buy something I will use infrequently. 

Ok well, I am struggling with another similar appliance. I am one of the crazy mommies that makes her own baby food. I am not saying I have never used a jar of baby food.  I'm just saying I prefer to make my own.  I'm not going to get on a soapbox about it, but we are trying as a whole to eat more organically. What is more organic than just whipping it up yourself? That being said, it is a little time consuming the way I am currently doing it.  I go to the farmer's market, buy the food, and I come home and prepare it in whatever fashion I am supposed to for that food.  If it needs to be pureed (meaning I can't just mash it up) I put it in my magic bullet. That may seem like a stupid idea because a blender/food processor is so much bigger. BUT, I have not met a blender/food processor that actually processed enough to be pureed. In fact, any one I have ever owned was CRAP. The magic bullet is everything it claims to be in the incredibly annoying infomercial. So I have just continually used that.  

Seth and I went out to dinner Friday night to our favorite local restaraunt and we have become friends with one of the waiters.  He and his wife recently had a baby and we were talking about making baby food.  He asked if we made our own and I said yes. He asked how I did it and I told him about the magic bullet. He then casually mentioned some appliance they got from Williams Sonoma that "does it all" he said. I wasn't entirely sure what that meant until now.  I am astonished (and I'm sure this item is common knowledge to some people, but it wasn't to me). The thing really does EVERYTHING.

  • A steamer, blender, warmer and defroster in one compact appliance.
  • Steams vegetables, fruits, meat and fish in less than 15 minutes, preserving vitamins and flavors.
  • Purees or blends foods to the desired consistency.
  • Quickly reheats or defrosts precooked foods.
  • The machine has no traceable amounts of BPA.
  • Recipes included.
Now I am unsure of how to proceed.  Seth says we don't need it.  But Seth (I love you honey), does not make the baby food. The way I am doing it is working just fine.  I don't NEED it per say.  It would just really be convenient to have it. What's sad is I have a birthday coming up and this is something I am considering asking for. I could ask for a massage or night out on the town.  Nope. I want the all in one baby food maker.  Rock on with my bad self.


  1. OK, not to fuel the fire or anything (sorry, Seth!) but you DO need it! I've made baby food for all three kids. The first 2, I'd steam stuff on the stove, then puree in the mini-processor by Black & Decker. Fine. But then I got the Beaba with Connor, simply because I had less time than with the other 2 and I LOVE IT!! Even though he's past the puree food stage, I still use it to steam small amounts of food for him since he's still not completely eating everything the rest of the family is. Totally worth asking for your birthday :)

  2. I've heard nothing but great things about the Beaba! I say go for it, especially since you do want to have more kids someday- in the long run it will be worth the investment! ;)

  3. Oh - I say go for it! How great! I used to make homemade baby food, too, but just because it seemed less expensive. This would have been fantastic!

  4. That's looks really cool! I'll have to look at that for any future babies!


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