Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little

No, baby Burrow hasn't gotten here yet. I promised my friend Katie that she wouldn't find out about the birth of my child on my blog. I have created a text group on my phone so that I can send a text to everyone I have phone numbers for when baby is on the way. I'm not sure how other people who are having a baby tell the world it's coming, but that's the best solution I came up with. Seth said that he is going to take my phone and send a text that tells the girl name we finally decided on (when we decide on it...probably after the baby is born) and the girl name he sends will be something off the wall. So if you get a text that says baby Gertrude has arrived, wait for a follow up. If you think the name is off the wall and that's really the name we chose and there is no follow up text, don't tell me.

At any rate, I am at home patiently waiting for the big day. The nursery is very close to being ready, but I want to send before and after pictures once it truly is done. This means once we know if baby Burrow is a boy or a girl. I have to add some gender specific stuff right?

Unfortunately, Seth's busy season has taken over and things are very stressful for him right now. This time of year to have a baby works out perfectly for me and horribly for him. So say a little prayer that his guys stay on top of things!

Anyway, the video explains the title of this blog...I have been watching it over and over again and laughing like crazy this morning. I may just be slow and you all have already seen and know about the Ellen and Gladys phone calls. If not, THIS IS A MUST SEE. The you tube video is kind of long so if you don't want to watch the whole conversation just slide on over until you get to about 3 minutes and 55 seconds. Ellen's reaction probably makes it way funnier than it is, but I seriously can't get enough. I figured if it could bring out insane belly laughs in someone who is about to pop and very uncomfortable it was worth sharing.

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