Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Total fatty

I went to Target today and I found myself salivating in the Halloween candy aisle. It was astonishing to me. I have always loved chocolate, but I could do without other types of candy. I ended up desperately searching for that really weird candy I used to get trick-or-treating as a kid…it was kind of round and kind of like caramel. It had the weirdest texture and I loved this freaking candy. Of course, off brand stuff like that doesn’t exist anymore. I couldn’t find it. The amount of restraint it took for me to walk away and just leave the store was remarkable. I had visions of opening my trick-or-treating bag and dumping the loot on the floor and going to town. Suddenly, that’s where I wanted to be. I wanted to be eight, stuffing my face, dressed as Raggedy Anne. You can picture it can’t you? God love homemade costumes. Mom you rock.
**Side Note - yes I believe I was Raggedy Anne at age eight and girls at that age now are Hannah Montana...either I was a total loser or girls now need to be reminded that they are still little!

The world of education has rained on this profoundly under-rated holiday. We can't hang decorations of carved pumpkins, silly looking ghosts, or, God forbid, a witch. It has to all be fall related...pumpkins as in the vegetable, leaves, trees, etc. What fun is that? I mean, I don't want to scare the kids, but have you looked at Halloween decorations? They are harmless! They have cartoonish faces and bright colors. There's nothing evil about any of it. Who took all the fun stuff out is what I want to know. Bah humbug to whoever you are.

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  1. You were a GORGEOUS Raggedy Ann, and spider and genie and whatever other cooky things I came up with! YOU rock because you actually WORE what I made and loved it!! And I so agree with you about taking the fun out of Halloween! It's ludicrous! But what can you do?


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