Monday, September 15, 2008

Quick tip

So I am still sick. I thought it was getting better and then it got worse again. Actually, it just changed from sore throat and sleeping all day to runny nose, coughing, can't know the drill. Nothing I have taken has really worked so I got a bright idea that I want to share. I may just be a complete moron, and if so then get a chuckle in now. If I am not a moron and you didn't know this would happen then do tell so that I feel better.

I am sitting on the couch this afternoon after roughing it through a day at work sneezing all freaking day and I get a bright idea. I need a quick fix if you will. I can't breathe and that alone is pushing me to the edge. I remember that I once bought peppermint oil to make soap (yea I made the soap ages ago and it turned out horrible so now I have this container of peppermint oil). I thought to myself, that stuff is pretty strong smelling, maybe I should go sniff it. Rewind - I am sitting on the couch waiting for Seth to get home because we are going to go eat Mexican which I am very excited about. SO, I go sniff the oil. It's actually working! I then get the bright idea to rub a little under my nose so that it continues to work. It works alright. I become increasingly aware that I cannot feel that my nose is running because my upper lip is so tingly and cold. Then it starts to burn. I can breathe though....I mean really better than I have in days.

I ended up having to wash it off before dinner for fear that I would drip snot into the cheese dip and not know it...

Was it worth it? I can still breathe so I am going to say yes. However, use at your own risk. Herbal remedies are great but I was upset that the chips and salsa tasted/smelled a little too minty.


  1. I love your remedy. If you are sneezing and have itchy eyes and runny nose and cough, likely from stuff drinking down the back of your throat, I'd try some allergy medicine like claritin or zyrtec but if you try zyrtec take it at night b/c it may make you sleepy. I hope you are feeling better now!

  2. oops I meant DRIPPING down your throat not drinking.


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