Wednesday, August 20, 2008

While I am still proud and motivated, I am pretty sure something is broken in my abdomen. Dramatic, I know. But seriously, do you know how much you use your abs to do EVERYTHING? Getting in the bed, getting out of the bed, getting in the car, getting out of the car, bending over (I talk to seven year olds all day - I do this one a lot), sitting up once sitting on the couch, laughing (I do this one a lot too), etc. etc. I will be buff one day but I will also be a whiny baby in the process.

However, after making Seth get up this morning I saw visions of how the rest of this new workout lifestyle may go. He was VERY cranky. I asked him if we could take a picture for the blog because I think it's pretty funny how pathetic we look. He quite angrily said no. I will admit, I was disappointed but I understood. So we go to the gym and I gradually, but completely, lose my steam. I am tired. My arms hurt. All I can wrap my brain around is getting back in my bed. Maybe there's a way I can get out of work today? I could be honest and call and say I am a raging weakling and I have torn every muscle in my body and I can't walk. Yes I know it's only the second week of school, but you don't understand. I NEED to get back in the bed. We are beyond lazy wanting here. Of course as things would go, Seth turns a corner and becomes happy, chipper, talk about everything and annoy me to death Seth just about the time I want to no longer be employed for a few hours of sleep. God love him, he is pumped up and excited. I am comatose. You know what though? This could work for us. Because had he been chipper at the start and useless at the end, I may very well have gone back to bed.

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