Saturday, August 23, 2008


Happy Saturday everyone! I want to let whoever reads this know that I have changed some of the settings. I was hearing that you couldn't leave a comment unless you were a registered google/blogger user. I realized I could go in and change that! So comment away :-)

Seth has had the first (and hopefully only) injury at the hands of deck building. Apparently his hammer hit the wrong nail. Seth is not a complainer. When I say that I mean he NEVER complains about anything. Well, when I came home the other day he repeatedly asked me if I could go buy him a new finger. Since that day he has complained quite a bit (and rightfully so) about the throbbing pain that won't go away. He spent two hours trying to get it x-rayed today so we will keep you posted about the outcome.

(Seth now wants to tell it...apparently I wasn't doing it right :-)
Alright, so my mom called Dr. Browne, and he said that due to the lack of sensation in the end of my finger, he thought there was a possibility that I might have broken the finger/joint. If the finger is broken, the only remedy is time, but if there was any damage to the joint, I hit the upper part of my nail/lower part of my finger (talk about lack of aim, I couldn't even hit the nail), there was a possibility that sometime later in life that I could have issues with arthritis in the joint causing a lack of motion with the end of my finger. I know, its not a life threatening injury, but I do prefer the full range of motion in all of my joints so I decided to get it scanned by the radiology dept at DMC. There is a high probability that nothing is wrong, but better safe than sorry....back to Jana....

So anyway, here's a picture that totally doesn't do it justice...

By the way, in case anyone was wondering, I am sitting in my den under a blanket because the air conditioning has given me the most wonderful chill, and my brand new washing machine is humming away in the background. Life doesn't get better than this.
PS - Lisa, if you're reading, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  1. Hope your nose-picking finger is as good as new soon, Seth!

  2. Oh no! At least blue nail polish is in with all the kids (see LC on "The Hills"). I'll bring some to tailgating for you!


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