Friday, June 13, 2014

Lovely Links

Oh how I love spring and summer food. I want to buy and make all of the fruits and veggies into every single dish I can come up with. I also want to grow them all myself, but the weird and vast array of wildlife around here (and my general lack of skill and knowledge) keeps that from happening.

It isn't stopping me from my weekly goals of stashing food for the arrival of baby number three. I didn't make much headway last week, but here is what I've done in the span of two weeks…

1) This Blueberry Zucchini Bread is my go to breakfast, snack, and even dessert. I've probably included it in a post already. I make it all the time. I will say that the original recipe is terrible for you. I read through the comments and make changes almost every time. The best part about this recipe is that it makes two big loaves of bread. The worst part is that it calls for over two cups of sugar! I replace that with mashed bananas and honey while also replacing the vegetable oil with applesauce. It makes the bread more dense and less fluffy, but it doesn't bother me (or my kids) at all.

2) This Caprese Garlic Bread is more like an easier version of pizza (as if pizza isn't easy enough already). But, with Seth gone a lot these days we can't eat an entire loaf. Last week I made the whole loaf and froze half. It's serious comfort food and easy to pair with a big salad.

3) These Whole-Wheat Banana Pancakes make a ton and they are so good! I usually add blueberries.

Three other Pinterest recipes I randomly tried this week turned out really well. They aren't allotted for the make ahead plan. However, I would bet this spaghetti could be. If you aren't a tofu fan I understand. But Lila gobbled it up faster than I have ever seen her eat pasta (which she typically doesn't love). I can't get enough of peach season, but the ones I get at our local farmer's market ripen so quickly. Had I known that I wouldn't have bought entirely too many of them. I have been wanting to try out my new coconut palm sugar that I read about via this post from The Food Babe. This peach crisp was the perfect opportunity for that. We heat it up in the morning, add a few spoonfuls of greek yogurt, and it makes for a fantastic breakfast. Lastly, the girls haven't had these popsicles yet, but I tried one last night and was thrilled with myself for having found a "healthier" sweet option!

Even though food is on my brain, summer reading is in full swing as well! For anyone out there with a young reader, this list of books is really perfect. They are chapter books at a beginning level. Lila and I chose four from this list at the library, and she plowed through them so fast we got four more!

Speaking of Lila, this article really hit home for me. I don't want to really get into thoughts and feelings about ADHD or anything in that realm. However, Lila is a fidgeter and she has more energy than I could ever dream to have. So I read those types of articles and appreciate the sentiment as a mother and as a teacher (once upon a time). This article by Audra McDonald also really hit home for me. Not just because of the content, but because of the grace, humility, and pure understanding she shows. True loveliness in writing.

Switching gears here, I finally have a plan for the baby's room! I had shared other links with visions of primary colors and beautiful quilts. Then, Seth's mom offered up a very neutral twin/loveseat sized chair with an ottoman from her house that changed it all for me. That and my need for comfort, as previously mentioned. Now I'm on the most neutral path ever. Tans, golds, whites, and creams are what I see. Once baby is here and we know the sex I will throw in peaches/coral/pink or aqua/blue/mint here and there and call it a day. I realize I don't have to be married to pinks for girls and blues for boys, but with starting all neutral it's just the easy thing to do. Currently I daydream about a cozy oasis of little color. Here's a quick and messy look at starting neutral and adding later...
Boy or Girl?

Thank you for indulging my heavy post of lovely links. Enjoy the weekend and Father's Day with your families!


  1. Ooooohhhh I LOVE the nursery ideas!! A lot! That's going to look so fantastic. Btw, I'm still holding out hope that you will be adding accents of aqua/blue/mint. :)

  2. I just printed the tofu bolognese recipe- we love tofu! Can't wait to make this for Isabel. Thanks for sharing it. And I love your nursery ideas! :)


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