Friday, May 2, 2014

Lovely Links

Anyone read Glitter and Glue by Kelly Corrigan? Because of this it got bumped to the top of my Audible wish list along with The Middle Place. I cried the big, ugly tears watching this one. Brace yourself.

This is it. This is the great adventure.

I adore this band. It seems I have a bit of an obsession with those who just stand together with guitars and sing. Maybe it has something to do with being raised on the Allman Brothers…or maybe it's just how good music should be presented to the world. Either way, this is on repeat for me today…

The Lone Bellow - The One You Should've Let Go from Ryan Booth on Vimeo.

In my seemingly insane attempts at home decorating I'm finding that I have an almost palpable need for all things cozy. Not just the feeling of things, but the atmosphere. I find myself daydreaming about whisking my family away for the summer to a farm in the middle of nowhere and just sort of hanging out. In reality that sounds absurd. In my daydream it's magical. This need then gets channeled into my project of the month…the girls new room. The plan is to get it done over Mother's Day weekend. Maybe Seth will let me curl up in the coziest blanket we have and just sort of direct where things should go. Knowing me that sort of situation would last all of five minutes.

I think the need for comfort is coming from all different directions. It's a busy time of year for my dear husband. This leaves me feeling like a one woman show. Dad would have been sixty today. This leaves me feeling like something huge is missing….still. And I'm pregnant. Which, in itself, is comforting and uncomfortable all at the same time. My babies are going to be three and five in just a matter of days. It's all a little more than my over tired brain can digest. So I seek out the curl up and be quiet moments and things to make sure the digesting of everything goes smoothly.

This is my go to comfort food. I make a far healthier version, but you get the idea.

Images like this and this are blowing up my Pinterest boards as I try to piece together how to make the nursery into a neutral haven of whites and creams. Suddenly I just want big couches, big pillows, and homemade quilts to be surrounding me when I bring this baby home.

Thank you for indulging my comfort seeking mind. Have a lovely weekend and, if you can, take a minute and find a spot to relax...


  1. Thinking of you and your Dad today. I have such great memories of all the trips he and your mom took us all on. Hope you get to relax this weekend, you deserve it. :)

  2. I LOVED Middle Place! I can't wait to check out Glitter and Glue.

  3. WOW, Jana. She's so right. This is it. Dive into every day and revel in every moment. Easier said than done. But it IS a lonely business in which only YOU can be great for them sometimes. Lots of pressure ... every minute of every day. But when the time comes that you drop them off somewhere and miss them forever, you'll look back on the days you "dove" and the days you "reveled" and the days you were CEO of their world, and the only thing you'll be able to do at that point is to be glad you got to be there ... because all you've done before is now up to them to learn from and live by. It's the most important and most difficult job you'll ever have, but by far the most rewarding. I love you.


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