Monday, March 3, 2014

Baby what?

Somewhere towards the end of my second pregnancy I started seeing and hearing this new little term.


At first I was intrigued, then I was skeptical, and lastly I was pissed. Intrigued because I'm a sucker for travel. Skeptical because travel for me involves many great things including drinking, eating, and adventures of all kinds. None of which totally lend themselves to being knocked up. Then pissed because it was clearly too late in the game for us to go on one when I heard about their rising popularity.

So I went about my business of surviving the third trimester and then giving birth and forgot about the whole idea altogether. That is until people would post pictures or mention it again. Did I mention I'm a sucker for travel?

I would like to say that this time around I had a babymoon master plan. I would like to seem that on top of my life or the latest trends. Truth be told, this pregnancy happened far faster than expected. We had a big family trip in the works that has now become a rather large babymoon instead. I can't decide if we are making up for the two babymoons we never went on or if we are just that fearful that life with three means MUCH less travel.

Either way, we are going to Hawaii in a little over a month and I pretty much can't wait. I pretty much also feel like I might cry when we get on the airplane out of sheer astonishment and joy. I still can't even believe it's happening.

The thought of spending an uninterrupted SEVEN DAYS with Seth sounds like a daydream. I have a wish list of books to read a mile long on my Audible account. I could care less that I can't zipline or drink fruity alcoholic beverages. I mean, I do care. Who am I kidding? But I don't care that much because regardless, WE ARE GOING TO HAWAII. And that, my friends, is magical.

I bet if you were to tell any stay at home mom of two with one on the way that she was going on a babymoon like this she would pee her pants. Or cry. Or both.

This decision was not made hastily. It will be cheaper than your usual random trip to Hawaii due to things like points accumulated through various companies. However, it still won't actually be cheap by any stretch of the imagination. So there's that. I would say that leaving our kids is a little disconcerting, but it's really not. This is the icing on the cake! My sister is coming to stay with our kids. She is basically a smaller, more fun version of me. You can imagine how much they adore her. Besides the cost I feel like this will be about as stress free as big trips get.

I haven't actually planned a big trip in a while. I know where we're staying and our flight is booked, but that's about it. I also know we will only be doing the big island. Beyond that I have become a quick study of the new travel/map feature on Pinterest. If you've been and you want to throw some pregnancy friendly ideas my way I would love to hear them.

In a few months when I post big bellied pictures of myself with all that Hawaii has to offer in the background please know I am not trying to make you jealous. I am simply doing my duty as a pregnant woman on her babymoon and partaking in this brilliantly termed trip before baby number three arrives.


  1. Next week I'm traveling for work for 3 days and though I'll miss Ella I can't wait for the freedom FREEDOM!

    I'm jealous that you're taking a baby moon and I'm not even pregnant. Have the very best time!

    1. Ha! I daydream about the freedom sometimes. I looked through our honeymoon pictures and it felt like a lifetime ago. I wish I could go back and tell that girl to relish the freedom a little more ;-)

  2. I finally get to hear all about the Hawaii trip or kind of! I'm so excited you two are taking this trip and time together. And I'm totally jealous!

  3. Where are you staying? We just went in January. We were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed Hilo. Only had one night there but would've liked more. If you go, make sure to go see the big volcano after sunset so you can see the red lava.

    1. This is Laura Robinson. Don't know why my name didn't show up.

    2. Hey Laura! I saw your pictures and they look so good! We are staying at the Hilton Waikoloa Village. I think it's sort of on the northwest part of the island. We have actually been to Hilo and the Botanical Gardens. We did a Hawaiian cruise for our honeymoon, but we only spent something like 6 hours on the big island. I'm going to have to check about the volcano stuff. I have read that at certain times it's unsafe to go if you are pregnant due to the sulfur fumes. But I really, really hope I can go! What else did you guys do?

  4. Yeah, they give sulfur updates. When we went they were at the lowest point so it was safe to take the baby. Have fun!!


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