Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Holla Hump Day

This week's ONE shout out goes to…

…the woman with the very small baby at Target today who unknowingly saved me from a lengthy attempt at getting my two year old to stop screaming. I swear, we walk into Target or Kroger and Evie begins plotting how to completely stress me out. I keep going to these places thinking that MAYBE as we discuss proper shopping etiquette some of it will stick. She's not a shopper, that one. It's okay. But I have to go places. This has to be worked on. I didn't grab a cart because I truly wanted to buy one thing at Target, and this time this is no joke. I wanted to go in and out with the quickness. Our little chickies are not handling the time change CRAP very well. For instance, Evie tried to take a nap at 10:30am in the car on the way to Target when she typically naps between 1pm and 2pm. This should have been my clue to just not even go in, but I only needed one thing!

I digress.

As Evie spilled onto the floor because I told her we couldn't buy a new dress I began to feel my ears burn. This is what happens to me when I get nervous, stressed out, or embarrassed. My ears burn. Plus they are ringing because Evie is screaming like someone is chasing her. I look around and don't see that many people, but things are escalating so quickly. I start to hear the faint sound of a baby. Is it crying or just being chatty? I can't tell. I scoop Evie up and almost drop her as she fights me. I hold her close and intensely whisper, "Evie do you hear the baby?".

My sweet girl is immediately silent. This is what babies do to her. She is overcome with excitement and expectation at the simple possibility of a baby being near her.

I begin whispering at a rapid and consistent pace about how if she keeps screaming the baby will get very scared and start crying. I tell her that very loud noises hurt babies ears and make them sad. I see the horrific side of this tactic…but, I wasn't lying right? I ask her if she wants to go see the baby and make sure she hasn't scared it. We walk over and the mom is clearly mesmerized by the Target merchandise. It seems she didn't even realize we are standing there talking to and about her cooing child that is smiling at us over her shoulder.

Evie perks up and says, "mommy, he's not scared!". I feel a twinge of guilt as I gather my stuff and run for the checkout.

I'm still not sure if the other mom heard me or saw us or knew that any of this was going on. It doesn't matter. I appreciate her for bringing her baby to Target at that very moment.

Please share your shout outs with us. Holla back ya'll!


  1. I love your post!

    Will Evie play games on your phone or read/look at a book while you are at the store? I used to have to give Grant something to do when I went to the store with him. So he would play one of his electronic games in the shopping cart as I shopped. I have witnessed the wrath of Evie at Kroger before and would not want to be in your position. I hope she gets through this soon. :-)

    1. So, Evie doesn't really get into using my phone. She says she wants to, but then she's over it quick. I'm okay with her being this feisty, but it still throws me when it happens and I have to sort of think quick as you can see!

  2. Oh Evie! You little rascal! :)
    My shout out goes out to Eric and Paige Teusink. Piggybacking on your last post about GA/FL weekend, those two do so much to make sure this weekend continues and I'm SO thankful for that!!

  3. Glad Target worked out for you this time! Isabel is having a hard time with the time change too...she is waking up extra early. Why do we continue with Daylight Savings Time anymore? yuck. My shout out is to Corey for taking Isabel out on Sunday alone, so I could clean our entire house from top to bottom! It was so nice to clean without having a toddler destroying everything you just finished cleaning!!!

    1. I love your shout out and I agree about the time change. Total nonsense!


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