Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Holla Hump Day

This week's shout outs go to...

Arbitrary Ambrosia - Amber / Probably Polka Dots - Nicole / 
The Ware House - Lindsay / Stir & Scribble - Meghan
(clockwise from top left) blogging group of lovely ladies. These women are some of the most creative people I know, and I don't even know them that well yet! Meghan, our fearless leader, started this group of the Blogging Masterminds and we have had three meetings so far. I've learned a great deal at each meeting, and I always leave feeling inspired. The photos above are beautiful images they each posted on Instagram. There's something so powerful about a group of motivated and creative people. Plus, I find it refreshing that we are a group of women helping each other to reach personal goals while learning from each other at the same time. So thank you ladies for how much you have taught me so far. I adore this group which means you will be seeing a lot more information about them in the future!

AND beyond lovely daughters. Each little one in their own perfect way said something to me yesterday that tickled me so much. These small, adorable moments make me feel like being a mother is the best thing that anyone could ever want to be.

What seems like forever ago Seth began the project of rebuilding our shed. Every home improvement project we do ourselves takes quite a while and rightfully so. Seth works like crazy and we have two small kids. It is what it is. So, the shed sat sort of half finished for months. It had walls and a roof with no shingles, and that was it. Last week we paid someone to finish it for us minus the painting. Now it has a pretty set of doors that give it a much more finished look. Evie and I went on the deck today to have lunch and when we walked out the door she yelled, "mommy there's a farm back there!". She spent the rest of the morning calling the shed "the farm" while being completely delighted that we were lucky enough to now have a farm in our backyard. It seems that doors with two by fours criss-crossed on them automatically equals a farm.

Back in the days right after Evie was born bedtime and night time in general were so tough. Lila was just barely two and I feel an immense amount of guilt about her little two year old self and the things I struggled with. I know guilt is a useless emotion, but these things have a way of lingering. Anyway, bedtime was terrible and hard. Fast forward to now. Right after Lila started Pre-K her sleeping became all out of whack. She woke up multiple times in the night (still does some nights) and she was afraid of everything. I knew that major adjustments can cause this, but I have also read that not long after turning four many kids begin having nightmares. Therefore, I started laying down with her every night until she fell asleep completely. She has adjusted and isn't afraid or waking up as much, but I really love that time with her. She is so sleepy and talks about the most random things. Tonight's conversation went like this:

Me - Lila please stop poking my face. It's time to go to sleep.

Lila (looks up at the ceiling) - Mommy you are big and I am small. You are 33 and I am 4. One hundred year olders must be HUGE. They would never fit through the front door of our house!

Me (giggling) - Well, you see, when you become an adult you stop growing. You don't just grow and grow for forever. So, people who are 100 years old, or one hundred year olders, are actually probably the same size as me. (I avoided getting into the fact that it's far more likely that they are smaller than me).

Lila (looking baffled) - But you are 33 and daddy is 33 and he is a lot bigger than you. Maybe he is just an older 33?

Me - Okay, we will totally talk about this tomorrow. Now we must sleep.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. "Maybe he is just an older 33?" - Love that!

    Thanks for including us in your shout out!

  2. Thank you so much for the shout-out! Both of those stories made me smile. Adorable :)

  3. From the mouths of babes, right? Those two crack me up! I'll have to tell you the conversation I had with Lila about skibbies. Too funny! LOVE this post!!

  4. Oh Jana, thank you so much for including us. I'm so thankful for our blogging group and your girls funny comments made my day. Happy Wednesday!


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