Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Holla Hump Day

I only have one holla this week. But, before I get into that, I need to explain...

See, holla hump day isn't just a silly little meme I do to get a laugh. Often my shout outs are silly or funny or not so serious, but they all mean a lot to me. For those who have experienced grief, depression, or some prolonged period of distress it can be helpful to focus on being grateful and saying thank you. It centers a person to acknowledge the random goodness that has popped up within a week. I highly and even strongly recommend it. Thank you to those of you who holla'd back last week...even if you were just thanking me. That wasn't my intention, but much love to ya. I would really love nothing more than for whoever feels the need each week to holla back either here or on Facebook. Spreading the grateful vibe through comments is like paying it forward in words.

Speaking of paying it forward, that has never happened to me. You know, the situation where you are in the drive through at Starbucks and the car ahead of you pays your bill. I mean, people do wonderful things for me all the time. But never are they complete strangers that I will most likely never know or see again. 

Until last night. 

I have a small Dairy Queen problem. It happens. Last night I found myself in the drive through line after doing my super glamorous second job for three hours, and the person in front of me paid for my Blizzard. I was floored. 

This is how my brain works...follow me here. I live in a mental world of "what ifs". No joke. You can imagine that this could be maddening. However, it also forces a certain kind of reflection that can be productive. 

For instance, I often wonder "what if I just threw the obscene amount of money necessary at Crossfit and gave it a go?". I am 99.9% sure that Crossfit is not for me for a very long list of valid reasons, but at least once a week this what if thought enters my brain. Then, I either go down the path of reminding myself of the list or I jump to the next what if....what if I looked like a chick who does Crossfit?....what if I woke up every day with the realization that I could bench press 150 pounds (that's a lot right?) ?...what if, what if, what if!?

When I pulled up to the window and the nice man told me the lady (his word) paid for me the what ifs started. I'm not sure what response he expected, but I'm sure my blank stare wasn't quite what he thought he would get. 

What if I knew her and I'm just not observant and she thinks I saw her but I didn't and now I can't thank her!?

What if she saw me in her rear view mirror and thought I looked like a person who could use a free ice cream? Are there any people on this planet who couldn't use a free ice cream? Crossfit people maybe?

What if someone did something like this for her and I am part of a long line of pay it forward Blizzards?

What if I paid the guy anyway and that was my way of paying it forward? The DQ in Tucker is filled with such nice, hard working people. Yes, I know them and they know me. Don't judge.

What if people did this sort of thing ALL THE TIME? I mean, this one gesture has rendered me speechless at a drive through window with the DQ employee wondering when I am going to drive off and stop thinking so hard about it!

SO, now that you have gotten a glimpse into my overworking brain I would like to make it official. This week's holla goes to...


I have decided to pay it forward here in the hopes that this inspires many of you to do something random and unexpected for someone...maybe even a stranger. I know that most pay it forwards are never spoken about, but sometimes I think that sharing about them reminds people. It plants a little seed of "what if I did that for someone?". 

I am going to do a giveaway of a small basket of my current favorite things. These things aren't for your kids, or your dog, or your house. They are for you (or your wife/girlfriend maybe). Think lovely fall nail polish and things that smell good. When you go to comment with a shout out of your own this week mention that you would love to win this giveway and magically you will be entered! I will post the recipient of my pay it forward goodies on Monday.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I haven't stopped by your blog for a while! Hope all is well in Tucker! We've been having a blast here in Athens (how bout them Dawgs?!). I would love to win this give away!! And my shout out goes to the purple haired checker at Earth Fare in 5 points this week. Her purple hair, purple eye shadow, and purple lipstick made me think "huh, I forgot how much I love purple" and instantly put me in a good mood for the morning....and made me get some purple eye shadow =) It's the little things, right :) Way to go DQ BTW...I'm on a peanut buster parfait kind of thing right now...

    1. Hey Aimee! Glad Athens is treating you well. The Dawgs are making football hard to watch these days, but thankfully they keep making it happen somehow! I love your shout out. It is the little things isn't it? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This is great! I can totally relate to the What Ifs! My shout out is to my wonderful father who has essentially moved in to our house for six weeks as I recover from foot surgery. Be careful with knives, kids. They drop on your feet and sever tendons. :-/

    1. Oh no! I knew you had surgery but I wasn't sure why. That sounds awful! But, so glad your dad could help out. I hope you guys are doing well!

  3. Hey Jana-
    I'm adding your blog to my Feedly reader so I can keep up with your posts. What an awesome experience! I have never been the recipient of a pay-it-forward gesture but it warms my heart when people do stuff like that. We should all do it more--especially in light of all this government shut down business. It's always nice to know there are still good people in the world.
    My shout-out is to all the furloughed people out there. Hang in there--we're all thinking about you!

  4. My shout out is to all the new friends I have made in the past few months through our crazy endevour to further our community. Especially Curly Haired Michelle. She keeps me sane and works tirelessly.

    If I win your give away I will pay it forward to her as she has earned some pampering :)

    1. Sonja, I would imagine you need as much pampering as she does!


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