Monday, September 30, 2013

On Marriage

Seven years ago today my dad walked me down the aisle. Seven years ago today Seth had a hard time saying his vows because he was crying. Seven years ago today was the day that marked the next part of our lives and the beginning of a new family.

We were so bright eyed and AWAKE in that picture up there. I had minimal grey hair and far less wrinkles. Seth looked like such a fresh faced kid. While our marriage isn't old by any stretch, one can learn a lot from being married to someone for seven years.

In seven years we have bought a house, ended one career and started another, had two dogs, had two children, lost a cousin, lost grandparents, lost a father, and many other things in between.

My seven year synopsis looks like this:

I have learned...

...that children are created by two people. Okay, I knew that already. But in the not too distant past the actual act of parenting was often done by one person. That person was usually the mother. I thank God every day that I was not a part of that generation. I have a husband who can stay here for days at a time with our kids and without me. I have a husband who works insane hours and still comes home to make dinner, give baths, and read before bedtime with me. I have learned that the idea of joint parenting is possible. I didn't see that growing up.

...that date nights are beyond essential. Life gets busy. Kids make you busier. We try to manage one at least once a month, and I can tell when we haven't had one. I feel like I need space and time to just catch up. That sounds so strange and was not something I knew would be a part of being married to someone. We see each other every day! But, there are days where the "seeing each other" is while we're brushing our teeth or reading bedtime stories. Going out on a date recharges things for us individually and together.

...that planning and dreaming together is the best part of marriage. Even if we don't have the money for the house of our dreams, we love talking about it. Even if we may not be going out of the country together for a very long time, we plot and plan where we would go and what we do. While these things will hopefully happen someday, having a partner to scheme with is simply enough.

Of course, I've learned a million more things. But those are the biggies. I'm a lucky girl in a beautiful marriage. Happy anniversary to us Seth!



  1. I love this. You two are beautiful!

    (and we sooo need a date night - I know what you mean about noticing when you haven't had one in a while!)

  2. Love this Jana! You guys are so adorable in that picture!! This is a great thing to read...especially right before getting married!

  3. Great post! Happy anniversary! I have loved watching you two grow over the last seven years! You are a fabulous example and I'm so glad you have such a wonderful partner!


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