Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Holla Hump Day

This week's shout outs go to... the sweet one who inspired the status below on the Isn't She Lovely Facebook page. I truly can't stop randomly taking moments to smile yet again about it. I recently heard Fiona Apple's version of "Pure Imagination" as created for a somber Chipotle ad that has gone viral. Of course, her version is beautiful albeit a bit of a downer. However, somehow through hearing it the line "if you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it" has been running through my head while picturing the lovely girl mentioned below. 

I totally just saw a middle school aged girl at a bus stop by herself dancing and singing (no headphones or earbuds)! On a major road no less. It completely made my morning. Here's to being young or young at heart...and to her parents who are raising her to dance as if no one is watching...and to her for being so lovely and making people smile this morning.

...the ladies who came to my house yesterday with their children for a playdate. I went to college with these women and in the midst of three children playing the piano, a newborn crying, and two more on the floor "talking" loudly to each other we all realized just how far behind us college really is. It seems like a lifetime ago. I'm afraid I may blink and be sitting around in an empty nest with these same ladies wondering where the baby days went. We are so lucky to have each other to share these things with. my mom for fueling my writing dream and being my biggest fan. Literally. I think she would personally start an Isn't She Lovely revolution if she could. 

...and HOLLA to Patty and Vince who are bringing a lovely little girl into this world maybe even as I type! 


  1. Let the revolution begin!! You're the best.

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