Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Got Summer Plans?

Memorial Day weekend seems like a good time to hash out all the stuff we should do this summer. All of the watermelon eating and playing outside made me jump on my "schedule out summer" task on the to do list. I LOVE SUMMER. For me, this is the best time of year to be a stay at home mom. Plus, my girls are at the age where they are able to do the same things for the most part. But, I have gotten used to the girls being in school. I could see myself getting a little stir crazy in the not too distant future. Here's a rundown of our plans around Atlanta for the coming months to keep all of us happy. If you have any suggestions or opinions please share!

We are beyond lucky that Seth's mom has a pool for so very many reasons. Evie can nap and swim without ever having to leave. Lila can go in and lounge on the couch when she gets worn out and then start over outside again. We can easily eat and go to the bathroom there. I am so looking forward to many days at the pool!

OUTDOORS (if you really want the low down, check out www.playatlanta.com)
- Stone Mountain Park -
I need to take some time and figure out what all we can do that we haven't already done at Stone Mountain. There really is so much and we live so close to it. If anyone has any tips and tricks for summer fun give me a shout!
- Mason Mill Park -
This is the first of a slew of parks not far from where I live that I have heard or read about. Apparently this one has a pirate ship.
- Historic Fourth Ward Park -
I have been hearing about this one for a while now. I hope it lives up to the hype because now I am imagining something similar to those family all inclusive resort commercials. No really, that's how great people think this place is. We shall see.
- Washington Farms Berry Picking -
They say that at the Watkinsville location the blueberries and blackberries should be ready in late June. We had such a good time strawberry picking that we most certainly should have berry picking round two scheduled.
- The Beltline -
I have read about two playgrounds so far, although there could be more. I'm also wondering why I haven't checked out the beltline yet. Maybe because I have no clue where it is or really what it is? That doesn't matter. I have a serious love for the High Line in New York. Probably not similar, but a girl can dream.
- Brook Run -
This playground is a constant favorite for us. It's easy to get to, great for all ages, and has a "creek" to play in.

INDOORS...when being in the hot Georgia sun gets to be too much...
(Side note - it helps that we have a membership to some of these places!)
- The Georgia Aquarium -
I hope to go to the aquarium once or twice over the summer. In my opinion the dolphin show is absolutely terrible, but the rest never fails to amaze.
- The Atlanta Zoo -
Word on the street is that they are putting in a splash pad. Being that I plan to hit up as many splash pads as possible this summer, I really hope this pans out before school starts!
- Imagine It! Children's Museum -
My friend Paige suggested we do the museum and then take a run through the fountains at Centennial. If I can keep Evie awake for both this sounds like the perfect day. If only the museum opened before 10 am. Don't they know lots of kids wake up at 6 am? That's four hours until the fun really begins. Come one children's museum. You can do better than that!
- Atlanta Botanical Gardens -
They have a splash pad, playground, areas to just run, AND story time on Wednesdays. Love that place. AND you can buy an insanely healthy albeit very overpriced lunch. AND, you can stay parked in the deck and walk down to Piedmont Park. If only Evie would nap in a stroller...
- Build a Bear -
My neighbor's sister works there and she sort of sold me on it a few weeks ago. I've never been, and neither have either of my kids. She has worked there for a while and shared all of the new additions they have made to building your own bear. This sounds like a great rainy day place to be.
- Story Times -
Little Shop of Stories in Decatur has a great story time that I hope we can go to at least once. There's always story time at the local libraries too.
- High Museum Toddler Thursdays -
The kids have to be between the ages of two and four. Now that Evie is two they can both do this! Yes, I have been patiently waiting for the day that Evie would be of age for Toddler Thursdays at the High.

I will probably add to this over the summer. Please comment with any suggestions or ideas beyond these locations too! I am never scared of a little road trip.


  1. Can I send Cole to Camp Burrow? Sounds like such fun ideas. Makes me dream if working part time!

  2. Mason Mill is a great park, the girls will love it. It's a little overwhelming on Saturdays when I get to go, but I bet it's not bad on weekdays. Also- Fernbank has great indoor play area if you haven't tried that yet. We take Isabel there on rainy weekends. :)

  3. I want to do Build A Bear with you guys, my treat. I just think they'll love it, little dress-up princesses that they are.


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