Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Holla Hump Day

This week's shout out go to...

...Sonja. Please read the previous post. LIFE SAVER.

...anyone in my life who has tried to schedule something with me and I have either forgotten, not shown up, or rescheduled eight times. For some reason in the past month (maybe longer) I am totally off track. No, I'm not pregnant. Seriously. I scheduled pictures to be taken of my family on the same day as my yard sale (which was rescheduled to that day itself). I signed up for the March of Dimes Walk on the day of a wedding I am going to (this weekend). I just sent my friend Paige this email:

Children's Museum

Weren't we supposed to go? Did I not show up? IF you went and I didn't show up I AM SO SORRY! I was driving around cleaning tonight and it just sort of hit me.

I mean really... "Did I not show up?". Yes, I am actually wondering if we went and I forgot that we went. Yes, I am also wondering if you went and I didn't show up and you were too nice to call me out. That's what this shout out is for. Those of you who have had to work around my inability to check my own google calendar frequently enough to avoid these situations. mom for switching hotels for the wedding this weekend because I forgot about the wedding this weekend and told her not that long ago that Lila and I were going to go. She switched hotels so that I wouldn't have to sleep on a roll away twin bed with Lila. See what I mean???

...the people who send me a picture every week without fail. You are taking this challenge to heart and I just love it.

...your patience and anticipation of the next Isn't She Lovely feature. My goal is to do two a month until I become quicker at completing them. So far I'm behind on my goal. But, there are many amazing things coming. So thank you for your patience. 

...lastly, my Seth. I know you work so hard all year. But, this time of year I know you need to hear thank you more often than I could possibly say it. You are a rockstar. 

Happy hump day!

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  1. My shout out goes to YOU! I don't know how you do it all ... or don't do it all and remember that you didn't or forget that you did! I guess the fruit (or the nut, in this case) doesn't fall far from the tree, because I just realized that I don't have a gift for said wedding in 2 days!! Do you???


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