Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Holla Hump Day

This week's shout outs go to...

...all of you lovely people who have emailed me pictures for this Friday's "Aren't You Lovely". It makes my day every single day! I can't wait for you guys to see them. Please keep them coming this week and for weeks to come.

...Lila because of this conversation on the way to the dentist today:

L - Mom, there are lots of pictures of me as a baby right?
Me - Yes.
L - And, lots of pictures of me as a baby in your tummy right?
Me - Yep!
L - And pictures of Evie in your tummy too right?
Me - That's right.
L - And pictures of you in Daddy's tummy right?
Me - Ummmmm, NO. I was in Vivi's tummy because Vivi is my mommy. People are always in their mommy's tummy. Grammy is Daddy's mommy so he was in Grammy's tummy. Does that make sense?
L - Yes! So, where is Grammy's mommy?
Me - She is in Heaven with Poppy.
L - Oh, and she was in Poppy's tummy right?
Me - Uhhhhhh....let's start over shall we?

Totally made me laugh out loud!

...Evie for these pictures texted to me last night by Seth...because I needed that sneaky little face hiding in the laundry hamper to be stuck in my brain while I did my glamorous second job. I told you hide and seek is the best part of the day! friend Katie for dropping off a book that I can read to the girls that helps with explaining death. For some things I am so on top of it when it comes to books. Things like holidays and going to the dentist come to mind. But, I didn't really do any digging when it came to books that may help with such a sensitive and hard topic. If anyone has any other recommendations besides Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant I would love to hear about them.

Happy hump day!


  1. Evie's hiding skills are improving! ;)

  2. Love the conversation with Lila. Teddy is trying to figure out gender roles...oy!
    My go to is that women can do anything men can do PLUS have babies.



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