Friday, March 15, 2013

Unexpected events in parenting

Back when I used to daydream about being a mom and everything that life would entail there were so many things that just weren't a part of the picture. Standing shoulder to shoulder crammed in a small space with hoards of women trying to decide which "gently used" items of clothing to grab first would be one of those things. You do what you have to do people.

Seriously though, I love a consignment sale. Not just because that's what needs to be done for our family, but because I really enjoy a good spectacle. And consignment sales are just that. It's like the running of the brides on much less sleep, jacked up hormones, and lots of coffee. I'm honestly shocked no one has done a documentary or reality show on these things.

The girl in line in front of me drove TWO HOURS to get to this sale. Not only that, she drove two hours with her husband and three daughters ages four, two, and 3 months!!! I started to reevaluate my level of commitment to finding the best deals on clothes for my kids. Then I realized this woman simply has a way higher tolerance for crazytown than I do. That would be another part of the picture that was left out of the daydream...level of tolerance for crazytown.

Anyway, in my four years as mommy I have been to sales like this all over Atlanta. Then around year two I found the one for me and started selling at it. That way you get to go on the first day with all the others who have figured out that going the first day is the only time it's really worth it. Don't get me wrong. You still wait in line with all those others. You still have to wrangle awful wire hangers and sort your choices in stair wells and dark corners.

Amidst all of this nonsense is something sort of wonderful. Women walk by as you sort and say things like, "Oh that's cute! What size is it? I'll take it if you don't want it.". Then you know you want it. People become friends over gigantic dinosaur toys and exersaucers. The rare few daddies that get dragged in see a small glimpse of motherhood from the "do what you have to do" perspective. That perspective where you know it would be easier to just go to Target. That perspective where the time it takes to tag what you are selling, wait in line for the sale, possibly pay a sitter, AND actually "shop" in this manner may not actually make this cost less than customary forms of buying clothes. But, you convince yourself that's not true. Who really knows right?

Honestly, I know. I know it's cheaper and worth it. The clothes I bought look GREAT. I have a sense of pride in the fact that I am reusing. However, I also know that my twenty year old self would have been laughing out loud at my thirty three year old self at that sale last night. Not in a judgy way. More in the way of thinking that this is an unexpected side show in parenting and it's funny. Because let's be honest. It's hysterical.

On that note, here's a picture of us in all our morning glory to get you through this lovely Friday. This is my "day after consignment sale" look. Don't judge. Have a great weekend ya'll!


  1. I can appreciate your feelings on this. I'll probably be joining you at these sales soon, but for now I get my crazytown kicks at estate sales and antique stores....where pretty much the same things happen. Sigh. What have we gotten ourselves into?

  2. Love it! I went to my first one a few weeks ago

  3. I hadn't even read this post when I told you this am that I wanted to go to a consignment sale! No wonder you laughed


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