Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oh Evie

Today I am making cupcakes for Lila's Easter party at school tomorrow. One child has an egg allergy so I'm using this recipe to make a single serving cupcake for him. While I do things like this the girls usually play really well together. Suddenly I hear what sounds like the tub of tiny Legos being dumped onto Lila's bedroom floor. I go in her room and sure enough both girls are huddled over said Legos telling me to go away. Lila knows Evie can't play with them. Evie knows Evie can't play with them. Evie has a bit of an obsession with eating things she shouldn't eat and has for a while. Just when I think we are moving past that she chews on some chalk and I know we have a ways to go. This is fine and totally normal. But, it's tough when you have a Lego loving big sister that you want to be like at every given moment. REALLY tough.

I sit down and try to explain to them both that I have to finish the cupcakes, and I think we should put the Legos away for now until I can monitor the situation completely. They both get this very quiet yet sad look. Evie looks up at me with those gigantic blue eyes that will stop hearts on contact someday and sweetly says, "I a big girl. I don't eat it mommy."

No you are not a big girl. You are my BABY. But, yes. Yes I understand how badly you want to be even though I need really badly for you to stop. right. now.

I left the room and almost burst into tears. The big, fat, hormonal (not pregnant) kind of tears that make me want to hug my children until they get really irritated with me.

And then they started fighting over the toy dog that talks to you but isn't talking because it needs new batteries like everything else in our house. Tears got sucked back in rather quickly.

Seriously though. That face and those words are forever etched in this brain of mine.

I leave you with these quotes because they just fit so perfectly. I am totally ripping them off of the Momastery Facebook page. Something tells me Glennon won't mind. In my head we are BFF's anyway.

"The words you speak become the house you live in." ~ Hafiz

"Be kind to yourself and others. Live in a lovely house." ~ Glennon Melton

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