Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Evie video round up

Evie is sick. Again. I swear she just finished an antibiotic for a double ear infection not even two weeks ago. She is a straight up hot mess and we are headed to the doctor tomorrow for what I'm assuming is another ear infection. She cried pretty much from the end of her second nap until she went to bed. When I say nap I use the term loosely. Twenty to thirty minutes just isn't enough.

After the big, fat Lila post yesterday I realized there's a lot on my phone of Evie that I haven't shared yet. Sick or not, she's quite a character. She's feisty, headstrong, and pretty hysterical. Here are a random assortment of videos that have been taken in the past month or so...

If I have posted this one already I apologize. I tried to go back and look and didn't see it, but I swear I thought I posted it. Anyway, I realize that my saying "no, no, no" and her laughing is not good parenting. Unfortunately, it's freaking adorable and I can't make it stop.

Two things. Does anyone remember the "my child is weird" post about Lila? It seems Evie is trying to join the weird club where Lila and Carson are co-presidents. And, if you listen to the conversation with Lila when I ask her if Carson is the king then what does that make her she says, "um, very comfortable, always tired...". All sorts of RANDOM going on here.

Speaking of weird, I would love to know what she is thinking about this shoe. And when I say weird it most certainly is a term of endearment. I would much rather weird, entertaining children than ones that are boring.

I wish I had been able to take a video for the entire thirty minutes that Evie insisted on sliding at playdate. I was exhausted when we left and she was on cloud nine.

The's coming...what is happening!!!!!??????
This video actually shows all aspects of Evie's personality thus far. She starts off quick and excited. She begins to get frustrated because she can't turn the toy. She gets excited again, falls, starts to freak out, and begins again...sort of. Then she thinks it's funny to crawl/dance and push. Then out of nowhere she is pissed.

Reason number 842 why being the second born can be unfortunate: this would be Evie's first time, ever, on a swing. She will be one in a month. Shame, shame, shame on me.

Isn't she so cute?

There's just so much to say here. Seth took this Tuesday night while I was out doing my super glamorous second job. I was hating on my job and all around cranky and miserable. He emailed me this video about halfway through the night and I sat in my car laughing hysterically. I think I watched it eight times. I mean between the matching hairstyle and Evie's flood of a sneeze that she licks off during the entire thing without Seth ever noticing I didn't know if I would ever stop laughing. Priceless.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!

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