Thursday, April 12, 2012


It would seem that if you aren't hosting a holiday it should be a breeze right? I guess when you have two Easter egg hunts, three places to be within 48 hours, and two children the word breeze doesn't come to mind. But, we had a blast. A big thank you needs to be said to those that did host us. I said a little thankful prayer for you people all weekend as I didn't have to have a clean house or food on the table. Praise the Lord. Evie slept through both hunts which is why you don't see her a ton in the pictures. There are some randoms of the past few days thrown in simply because I have actually decided to use my big fancy camera.  Enjoy!

Let's start with an impromptu photo shoot with Evie. Doesn't she look thrilled? 

So yea, this is how it ended. This would be a visual of the scream, string of snot and all.

Egg dyeing... I've decided it's such a weird thing to do. I mean, Lila liked it. I guess that's what matters.

Random botanical gardens picture.

*Easter morning*
Um, what exactly is the point of this gigantic bunny again?

Look closely at the puzzle. Yea, it's 101 pieces. It was bought in the dollar aisle at Target. It has since mysteriously disappeared and the Easter bunny has decided it does help to pay much closer attention no matter how distracted while shopping.

Egg hunt round #1.

Evie's post nap appearance with Grammy. I promise her hair does that on it's own. 

Egg hunt round #2. I just love these pictures of her.

I hate profile shots of myself, but this profile of her reminds me of pictures of me as a kid so much. This is my favorite picture from the entire weekend.

Here's what's happening: Patrick and Madelyn can't figure out why we are still waiting to take the picture. Carson is talking up a storm about something. Lila is having a very hard time staying on the slim piece of wood that they are all standing on therefore delaying the taking of the picture!

While the light was amazing at Seth's mom's house on Easter, I am sure the pictures I took could have been a million times better. I had the best time taking them though. She was looking out the window at the cat and following him from the door to the window. I could just smooch that little face all day long.

The pictures start to get a little out of order here, but Blogger is a pain in the rear so this is how they shall stay. This one was taken today. Lila got a big kick out of the flower crown and necklace I made for her. Anyone else make these as a kid? I just adore this picture too.

See! Wrong spot...weird but beautiful picture.

This was today too. We are entering the land of more and more attempts at playing with each other. They had the best time!

This is just hysterical to me and a great way to end the photos. The slide gave them matching hairdos. 

Have a good weekend ya'll!

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