Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The past six months...

This post, and the new header, are dedicated to to the littlest Burrow. She turned six months old on the 5th. Making a header devoted to Evie is long overdue!

Six months ago our world changed forever for the second time. Things got turned upside down and inside out and now here we sit wondering where the time went yet again. Well, sort of.

I would be lying if I said it's been a smooth ride. The thing about Lila is that until she turned 18 months she taught us nothing about being parents. We were clueless to say the least. We got lots of sleep and very little changed. But just having one is sort of like that sometimes.

Evie made her entrance and due to some intense reflux she made it loud and clear. She screamed all the time and slept on occasion. I am of the belief that reflux is just something you really know nothing about until it's taken over your baby. I'm sure there are varying degrees of it. I am also aware that many, many more difficult things could happen. But, when you have been walking around with a screaming baby for hours after no sleep and you feel so unsure as to what is going on, you kind of feel like the world is caving in.

Then, one day, everything changes. You get to meet your real baby. The one that just wanted to be happy all along and couldn't. The one that just needed you to be patient so she could show you who she really is. The one who smiles and giggles at the drop of a hat and has somewhat of an obsession with her big sisters (Lila and Carson that is).

That day came for us a little while back and has just intensified every day since. Every morning I wake up to that little face you see on the far right up there. Every day I watch her laugh at Lila and my heart melts. Every day I snuggle her and thank God for the healthy, happy, squishy little girl that I am fortunate enough to call mine.

Here are some Evie 6 month stats:
* 17 pounds (75th percentile)
* 27 inches (100th percentile)
* has one tooth broken through and one very close!
* tried cereal and green beans and wasn't a fan of either
* "roars like a tiger" (Seth's words)...this is her current form of communication
* does this movement with her hand that looks like a backwards wave...we lean towards thinking she's advanced when really she has no idea what she's doing
* transfers a toy from one hand to the other
* is days away from sitting completely on her own...she's so close!
* rolling back to front and front to back....and sometimes ends up in odd places...

*Loves to jump...

* Loves to swing...

There you have it! Isn't she cute? Don't you just want to smooch her sweet little cheeks? 

We love you so much baby Evie!

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