Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fastest post ever

I know I have been neglectful...I don't really have any down time these days. SO, here is the fastest update post ever:

* We are making strides with Evie's reflux and getting sleep. It's one day at a time. She isn't throwing up as much since we switched to Prevacid, but she is pretty tortured sometimes after eating still. BUT, she is starting to smile at us which makes the rest just melt away.

* Lila has been a dream lately. Truly a dream. She is so unbelievably good with Evie. She's always helpful and talks to her like she's been here forever. She's just as happy as can be even though mommy is very preoccupied sometimes. We are transitioning to the big girl bed which is going great at night but not so great at nap time. Potty training is like this big, bad cloud looming in the distance that I am running from...

* Seth's work is slowing down. We went on a half date (one child went with us, one did not). That is Seth and Evie on our half date to the drive-in up there in the new header. Isn't he so stinking cute? We thought it would just be perfect to go see the Hangover sequel since Lila's first movie was the original. BUT, Seth had his heart set on the X-Men movie. Evie didn't seem to notice either way.

* I finally feel like a human being again. No more fevers. Lots more energy. I actually went to my glamorous second job of cleaning doctors offices for the first time a week or two ago. It's amazing how much faster things get done when you aren't as big as a house trying to scrub toilets.

* We helped throw a big old bash for the fabulous Kim Warren to ring in her dirty thirties. I got to pump in a stall in a bar bathroom which I've never done before. Kim was all sorts of surprised and had a fantastic time. It was a great big night out for all!

Ok, that's all the time I've got for now. I promise someday there will be lengthy posts with pictures about Evie's birth, Lila's birthday, Kim's party, Lila's party (coming this weekend), and whatever else has happened that I would love to have the time to blog about. And maybe someday there will even be a holla hump day returning...thanks for hanging in there ;-)

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