Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Holla Hump Day

If I am being honest, I have all of these shout outs to give and I'm concerned I may repeat something I have said before and forget some at the same time.  Just take things I say between now and maybe six months from now with a grain of salt. My brain is having a rough go of it these days.

Ok, this week (or rather month) of shout outs go to... mom and Seth's mom...Vivi and Grammy. They took turns watching Lila while I went to the lake so that Seth could get some things done around the house. Things didn't go as planned for Seth and mom and Lila ended up barfing for half the weekend. I had a GREAT, relaxing weekend though.

...all the ladies who accompanied me to the lake. Thank you for relaxing with me when I needed it most!

...Kim for checking on us every single day while we battled the nasty in our house. Feeling quarantined goes much better when others are reaching out to you.

...Katie for making soup for us for the exact same reasons as Kim...I am SO lucky the have the friends I have.

...the people who bought our dining room furniture off Craigslist. They were nice, normal, and they took it quick. My kind of people.

...Katie (a different Katie from the one above) and Christine for unknowingly meeting Lila and I for lunch today. It was a rough day for me and they were a bright spot!

...Sara for making dinner tonight just because I love when people make me dinner ;-)

Alright, that's all I've got for now even though I'm sure there are more. Happy hump day!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! We had so much fun at lunch- I'm glad we ran into you both! :)

  2. Lunch was really fun, we should accidentally have lunch more often!


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