Thursday, March 3, 2011

For every bad day...

...there is a great one.

Maybe I am just giving myself a break. Maybe Lila can tell that I am trying really hard to understand her more. Maybe she's just in a good mood ;-) Regardless, she has been an angel today. I think she and Carson are turning a corner. There's a lot of hugging and turn taking (facilitated turn taking of course), and a lot less distress over toys today. I needed this day.

I especially love Lila's constant Bieber hair, Carson's attentiveness, and the sticker on Lila's foot.

Absolutely priceless.


  1. I love that they are starting to play so well together- you can see how much they like each other in the photos. It's cute! :) Glad you are having a good day!

  2. The sticker on the foot is hilarious! And that sweet baby girl of yours is learning as she goes. She's just not sure right now how she's "supposed" to act. It's very confusing for a baby who's no longer a baby but who's also not yet a grownup. She lives in both of those worlds and isn't sure yet which one she "belongs" to. You're a fabulous mom, Jana. Try not to take it personally when Lila has a bad day. We all have those! I love you both!!

  3. ...just catching up on the reading and absolutely love the honesty you share! i am glad i am not the only one that has "bad days" (and i don't even have kids) that are quickly followed by a great one! the realness is something that i love about our girlfriends and though i may not understand the parental struggles at the current moment... i know there will be a day i will say "i have friends that have been here before me, and i am normal!"


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