Thursday, January 20, 2011

Of the day

My obsessive nature is getting the best of me these days. Therefore, I wanted to quickly share the things I have become obsessed with or rekindled a love for...

1) CraigsPro...this would be the Craigslist app for the Ipad. It is a zillion times better than the actual website itself. So much so that I check it every day (sometimes twice) for the items I am seeking. Brilliant.

2) Homemade lemonade...I went to my uncle Brant's house for lunch on Sunday and had homemade lemonade. Yes, I have had it before. It's been a really long time though. With a gigantic purchase of lemons at the farmers market and my very own (and first) purchase of a citrus squeezer from Ikea I was on a roll. Lastly, I found a recipe for "perfect lemonade"....I mean, it's not rocket science...but it's oh so yummy.

3) Meal planning extravaganza! Pretty much since the day I got married I have been trying to devise a way to plan really well for meals. When I say meals I really mean dinners. I eat leftovers for lunch and cereal for breakfast :-) Anyway, I think I have finally found the answer! I already had the notebook she is talking about but not organized the way she did it. So, I switched things up in the notebook, added some new recipes, and voila! We are trying so very hard not to eat out so hopefully this will get us there. Click here to see where I found the secret!

4) Keurig one cup coffee maker...this was my birthday present :-) I am very picky about coffee but I do love the ones I love! Hot tea and hot chocolate are great too. This fantastic gadget does them all while providing piping hot water pretty instantly as well.

Alright, that's all I've got right now. I thought there were more but they left my brain (shocking, I know). Do you have any random obsessions these days that you would like to share. I just realized mine are all food and drink related except one. Apparently that's where my brain is.


  1. thanks for the menu planning link! i'm really trying to streamline. one of my biggest problems is that i have trouble remembering things i've made that we like.

  2. Love the menu planning idea! We are also trying not to eat out. I'm definitely going to attempt this.

    Oh - I want to try your lemonade too!

    Thanks for sharing!


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