Monday, November 1, 2010

Bulldogs and ducks

Happy Halloween! I mean, people seem to be celebrating Halloween anywhere from Friday to Wednesday these days so I decided I am not late in my greeting.

Seth and I made the yearly trek to St. Simons this past weekend for the Georgia versus Florida game. My mom, along with help from Katie and Katie's mom Pat, took over the care of our little chickie for the weekend. I owe them more than I can say. I was nearing that line of talking nothing but gibberish and running over other adults with shopping carts due to my lack of sleep and adult conversation.

If you had told me years ago that I would go on this weekend trip to get more sleep I would have laughed in your face. Renting two beach houses with twenty of your closest friends has never equaled rest and relaxation in years past. Yes folks...this year was very, very different. In no way am I complaining. In fact, I found it refreshing. But I'm pregnant. When I went on this trip pregnant two years ago I drove hoards of beer guzzling game goers and tried to get to the food before it was gone. I watched with a smile as others danced and fell asleep on the beach. I'm not saying there was none of that this year. I'm just saying times are changing. With three pregnant ladies and numbers down a bit the atmosphere was more subdued and there was actually talk of future trips with kids...and nannies :-) You would think because I was of sound mind and more relaxed body I would have been way on top of the picture taking. I wasn't. So here are a few shots I ripped off of facebook from Molly and Nicki...thanks ladies!

Playing dress wait, Halloween sorry

Beautiful day at the beach

Tailgating for a much anticipated yet atrocious game

We rushed home early on Sunday to be back in time for the Halloween parade on our street. I was nervous about Lila's reaction to her costume since I made the poor choice of not trying it on her until right before go time. She didn't hate it, but seemed confused. Her confusion increased as we came upon her friends in costume. Toddlers in costume might be the cutest thing ever. I know I'm biased and all, but don't you just want to squeeze her she's so darn cute?

Unfortunately, upon arriving home she totally scraped up her nose and hand. The negative thing about having a house with no stairs is that when stairs present themselves she doesn't always remember how to use them. We have ONE step from the ground to our front porch. She decided to go hands/face first down the one step instead of feet first. We went to the mall today and I got the "what a bad mommy" looks from other patrons. Such is life.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to my sister for almost winning a costume contest this weekend as a corpse bride. I am utterly shocked that the tiebreaker was a dance off and she didn't win. I mean, have you seen Lila's dance moves? She didn't learn them from me!


  1. You "Pregos" know that non-alcoholic beer does have some alcohol in it, right? That's why they can't sell it to kids.

  2. I just want to scoop Lila up! What a cutie pie. I can't get over the leggings!

  3. I freaking LOVE those pictures of Lila. She's so cute!


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