Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a night for a dance, you know I'm a dancin' machine

1) "Kick off your shoes and sit a little" = Devil's in the Jukebox, Ray Lamontagne and the Pariah Dogs
2) I think there has been ample time for the this one so I am just going to tell you what it was...."Your candy coated bloated ego, platinum pile of..." = We're here to save the day, The Constellations

I have not changed the header and Lila was 16th months on the 13th. My only excuse is that I haven't been feeling so hot. I had a cold over the weekend and felt great by Sunday, but then late Monday this really fun hacking cough started and I haven't slept well for days. Plus, I haven't taken any pictures AT ALL. So, the new header will arrive this weekend sometime.

Even though I don't feel 100%, Kim and I are headed to see Kings of Leon tonight (hint, hint)! I tend to feel like an old lady at things like this recently, but I am going to go and do my best not to show up with food on my shirt or in my hair. I am very excited about this concert. Unfortunately, I can't even remember the last time I sat on the lawn at Lakewood (or whatever it's called now). Seriously, when my life took a turn for the uncool it turned and never looked back. I try to stay hip to some degree, but it's getting harder. Although, I do really appreciate that Nicki made me feel like I make a fantastic effort to still hang when we were at Josie's baby shower on Sunday. I like to think we try to get out when we can and hopefully we will always be that way.

On that note, we struggled with whether or not to go tailgate in Athens on Saturday. The end decision is not to go. The game is at noon and Lila isn't old enough for going to the actual game yet. If it was later in the day and we were going to be there longer we would be going hands down. It's just a lot to load up a toddler and get your crap together to tailgate for such a short time. Hopefully there will be another opportunity for us to go. Plus, Georgia/Florida weekend is just around the corner and that is one of my favorite weekends of the year!

PS - If anyone is interested, Sara and I are going to the Dave FM free concert at Atlantic Station Friday night. We are primarily going to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (because I am SERIOUSLY obsessed with them), but others will be there too. If you would like to meet us let me know!

Can you tell I am trying to make a point of how cool I do try to be?

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  1. I know the song! hee hee Revelry (sp?) by Kungeas fun Lion! Or however you spell KOL in German. haha! You're still cool and hip in my opinion. Had tons of fun with you last night. xoxo


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