Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kick off your shoes and sit a little

Well holy CRAP! My last post broke the record for comments on my blog! Good job guys. I would love for you to stick around and keep reading if you are a newbie. Thank you for the fantastic advice as well. I have to admit that all of what you said has crossed my mind. Seth's vote is to let Molly bark for an entire day. I was leaning towards trying to be an adult about it like mom suggested. At the end of the day, I don't have the energy to do any of it. I tend to get real lazy when it comes to stupid things that irritate me. I just pretend it's not happening. That is until crazy lady yells at me again. I can't promise the adult route will be taken next time. Until then, I will just do my best to maintain status quo.

Anyway, I am going to make an attempt to title my blog posts with lyrics from here on (this one counts). If you are the first to comment with the correct artist I will send you a present. Name that tune blog style if you will. No cheating allowed. I know you can type anything into google and get right to it. Cheaters lose in the end. Hopefully that bit of wisdom will stop you from cheating. Basically, this is my way of doing a giveaway without actually giving into the giveaway mayhem in bloggy land. You won't know what the present is so don't get too excited. You may or may not find clues within the song of the week tab. I know, so much to do, so little time.

Lastly, because I know you are all dying to know what I do with my life, here are some updates:

1) Gardening - in the crapper - bugs ate it and are still eating it and I can't bring myself to go pull it all out. I want to apologize to my really awesome next door neighbors who have to look at it.

2) Canning - never even started or bought a canner - Patty told me I could come over and borrow her canning materials and I would still like to do that. Until then I will just have to pretend like I am on top of it.

3) Sewing - current project is a secret and will be revealed next week. Until then just know that this may be the only thing I am actually on top of.

4) Consignment sales - well, somehow I missed the good ones. It's a good thing my cousin's little girl Anna Kate likes to share her wardrobe with us. If you see Lila in the same outfit every time you see her this fall just don't tell me.

5) Tot School - I have decided my child is a genius and doesn't need to be taught things by someone as unintelligent as myself. Just kidding. Tot School still consists of all of the previously posted stuff. I added a very expensive magnetic puzzle that I bought in Asheville. She hates it. I will stick with the pasta transferring until she hates that. As of now, that's all she wants to do.

I think that's about it for now in the realm of things I want(ed) to accomplish within my new(ish) full time job called mommy. If you can think of anything I should throw in for good measure I'm all ears.


  1. I want to cheat and look up the lyrics.

  2. devil's in the jukebox - ray lamontagne. I actually just stole this cd off of your ipod while I was petsitting and I'm sorry I never comment on your blog until you mention present. I am the definition of a rotten little sister right now and I love you and your blog:)

  3. This is Sara by the way...I made a blog so I could leave comments a while ago..named it yo really fast..and now I can't get it to say my name instead. gr!


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