Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Venting about venting

I don't even want to write this post. But, I seriously need to vent (what else is new?). I am just going to start with a massive disclaimer:

"I hereby proclaim that cloth diapering is in fact better for my child and the environment. I do not regret making the decision to switch to cloth. I no longer see bags and bags of diapers that take 70 years to break down leaving my house. I am no longer part of the contribution to the third largest waste in landfills. I am proud of myself for sticking with it, and I want everyone to know that the problems I am having are a direct result of circumstances and not the diapers themselves."

OK, that being said, I AM OVER IT. We leave for the beach on Sunday and I will also be taking a cloth diaper vacation. I hate disposables at this point, but I need a break. What's funny is, there is a top loading washing machine at the condo we are staying at that would probably show me a whole new world, but I just need a break.

I am going to admit, as much as it pains me, that I did not do a lot of research before starting cloth diapering. I relied heavily on the wisdom and advice of a friend. In no way am I saying that said friend was wrong. She has had her fair share of struggles lately as well.

I love my diapers. They are soft and cuddly and pretty. They have, however, led me to loathe my washing machine. Which is also funny because it is a high efficiency washing machine that is much better for the environment (supposedly) as well. The problem is, according to my friend/diaper guru and the internet, the machine uses so much less water that it doesn't rinse the detergent out of the diaper well enough. Therefore, detergent builds up and the diapers get what the cloth diapering world calls "the stinkies". This would be an ammonia smell that is OBNOXIOUS. This can also sometimes result in a rash. Mind you, the whole initial reason I started with cloth was to rid us of rash.

I had the machine well before the diapers. My guru however, only recently got her front loader and for the very first time in her years of cloth diapering is having the stinkies. So we begin to email and talk and try to figure this out together. Now I decide to do research. Low and behold there are entire websites devoted to this very topic. You can find chats that have HUNDREDS of responses to how to get rid of the stinkies. Some say "I do this and my diapers never smell". Others say (like me) "I have tried this, and this, and this, and this and I CAN'T MAKE IT GO AWAY". Then there are those that give you eight hundred "ideas" for things you can do if you hard water, soft water, top loader, front loader, AND ON AND ON AND ON...can you feel my frustration building? The more I read the more I feel there just is no answer.

PLEASE NOTE - if you ever consider cloth diapering, it is like parenting. Every situation seems to be dramatically different from the next or exactly the same. You could do it and have zero stinkies. I do not want anyone to read this post and think, why on earth would I use cloth? Here's why:

As I said, I just needed to vent. I will get this figured out and when I do, if you decide to go cloth, maybe I can help you. Until then, if you have any suggestions, thoughts, etc. I would love to hear it. If you just think I'm crazy for even trying cloth, keep that to yourself.


  1. I have an HE washer and wound up with the stinkies, but only in the diapers that were made with artificial fabrics (my fleece covers and polyester pockets diapers, my cotton fitteds were fine). Did you find a solution? After I rid mine of the smell, I started doing an extra rinse cycle after the wash and no more problem. I feel you on the CD vacation though. We're going away this weekend and I bought a pack of Nature's Way. hee!

  2. Well, I definitely want to discuss this with you in greater detail. But my initial concern would be leaking. Do they leak? Also, I'm guessing if you send your kid to daycare they won't allow the cloth diapers. Any thoughts?


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