Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dirty thirties, part two

My super hot, super wonderful husband is turning the big 3-0 on July 19th. Yes I am a cradle robber and he is SO much younger than me according to him.  Being that he such a super wonderful husband he planned the most amazing birthday bash for my 30th. No pressure.

I decided a long time ago that I really only had one option for this event. He said he didn't want a party. He kept telling me not to do anything. I simply chose the one and ONLY thing I could come up with that I could maybe, kind of afford and that seemed fitting.

Therefore, my soon to be 30 year old husband will be driving a race car wearing the name Cole Trickle (at his request) this coming Saturday at Atlanta Motor Speedway at around 9:30 am.

I sent out an evite and asked our friends to come and tailgate as we watch Seth look like a massively happy redneck for his thirtieth. I am getting all the fixins and hoping for the best. I tried to keep it a surprise. I really did (mostly). Seth's mom mentioned that half the fun of doing something like this is the anticipation of it. So I asked Seth if he would want to know what we were doing and he started guessing. Five minutes later the surprise was over because I have an annoyingly brilliant husband. There is still a little surprise that he knows nothing about so let's see how long I can keep my mouth shut.

Anyway, cross your fingers and say a prayer to sweet baby Jesus that our very own Cole Trickle has a blast /doesn't hurt himself or others.

PS - My pictures from the 4th turned out kind of crappy...I was a little distracted by my now fully walking child as she needed to walk up and down the dock at the lake eight million times (with assistance of course). I guess it's time to bite the bullet and actually attempt a photo editing program instead of continuing to hope I inadvertently take gorgeous pictures.

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  1. is a great photo editing website. They have a lot of good free stuff or you can buy a subscription for a pretty cheap $25/year or something close! Bernadette uses it all the time...If I had more time in my single motherhood of 2 and mostly full time job, I would use it all the time! It's really great bc you can still get a decent picture out of a blurry shot!

    By the way, I love your blog. Can totally relate to most of it. They'll even get funnier as she enters into a full-blown toddler! Although most days I kinda want to pull my hair out due to my two very lovely toddlers!

    Love you,


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