Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No longer "hip"

I find myself to be incredibly computer savvy. I have no problem tooting that horn. I used to find myself to be somewhat "cool" as well. In college I used to get mad at my friends when they went to bed before me. Unfortunately, those well honed skills are starting to slip. I loved MySpace when it started. I will admit that now I am addicted to Facebook with the best of 'em. I even write this silly little blog. Where have I dropped the proverbial ball? One word...twitter. I can't even count how many times I have started to type www. twi.... in my web address box. I truly get that much typed and change my mind. It happens almost instantaneously. Two birds one blog almost got me to follow through, but not quite. My immediate thought when starting to follow the crowd is, who do I really have time to follow enough to get on Twitter and sort it all out? I mean, I barely get this blog covered and my papers graded before I am ready to curl up in a ball. And furthermore, who would want to follow me on twitter? That's what the blog is for right? However, twitter has for some reason become a guilty pleasure I can't seem to indulge in. I feel like I want to, but I can't justify it enough to take the plunge. My question to you is, if you are on Twitter or you follow someone on Twitter, would you be willing to share how and why you do it? I am intrigued enough to ask, but not enough to sort it out alone.


  1. I use it to promote my site and network with other bloggers. If you don't have a business or service or website to promote, you're not going to find much use for it (unless you are a celebrity or already know a lot of your friends are using it). Outside of that, it can be fun to get updates from celebrities, and a lot of comics tweet (I feel like such a dork every time I say "tweet", btw) jokes throughout the day, which is nice. Toby has one to supplement their family blog, which is nice because he'll send out a picture of Patrick doing something or something funny he's doing at that moment. He likes it because he can do smaller updates and doesn't have to try and blog everything all the time.

    If you DO decide to do it, there are lots of applications you can download to make it easier to use. I use TweetDeck on my desktop and Seesmic and Twidroid on my phone (whatever phone you have may determine which you can use). There's a little bit of a learning curve, but once you figure out hashtags and retweets and all that, it's pretty easy. If you have any other questions or anything, let me know.

  2. Well Meg, CLEARLY with a worldview like that you're bound to be on the cutting edge of KNOWLEDGE and ENLIGHTENMENT, what with all your indiscriminate shunning of technology you don't understand and your totally sound logical arguments. You're on the forefront of progress! Oh wait, you're more like the cowering inventors of 8-track technology pretending that cassettes don't exist. Look out, here comes Laserdisc!

  3. I got your cry for help!

    Two things:
    Do you want the buttons like you have or a bar like I have on my blog now?

    With either method, to create the buttons you must first create the page using a new post dated older than all your other postings. If you started blogging in June 2009, make all of them January 2009. Then after creating each page like contact or about me page, copy the link. Then add that hyperlink to the word "contact" or "about" in the buttons you created. I hope that just made sense to you. The "home" button is your main URL of your blog.

    If that is too hard to understand, let me know and I will create a visual explanation and post it on the blog to teach you how to make them.

    I have a "contact me" button on my blog that will send me an email. Just let me know!

  4. Do you also want a picture in your header?


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