Thursday, November 19, 2009

Carried away

It's official...I missed the Tuesday mommy blog because I have gotten carried away. The new plan is, this blog will remain under the realm of random and chaotic nonsense about life and the link below will be the new mommy blog. I couldn't figure out how to mesh the two without it feeling like one was confused by the other. I know what you're thinking....I barely blog enough on this one. Well, have some faith. I am determined. The link for the mommy blog will be on the right side of this screen for future reference. That way, if you are nowhere near having a baby or you just don't care, you can keep reading this blog as is without the hassle. If you are more interested in the mommy info you can begin reading that one and steer clear of this one. If you are obsessed with me and love to read my writing, I suggest reading both. But that's just me ;-)

(Please understand that I am backtracking and starting from pregnancy so things are under construction as of now.)

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