Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rockin good time

So the caterpillars, in the minds of second graders, had a blast over the weekend as they explored our classroom without us knowing it...the following are tidbits of what the kids' imaginations drummed up:

kid's idea: The caterpillars elected a teacher and they learned all weekend
my thoughts: since there are only three caterpillars, this is a really good ratio for learning...also, this child must see things very black and white...if you are at school you are learning...end of story

kid's idea: The caterpillars each grabbed a tissue and hang glided off the desks
my thoughts: maybe the MIA caterpillar had a hang gliding accident?

kid's idea: The caterpillars each grabbed a pencil and wrote all over our notebooks, papers, and homework
my thoughts: how clever...now we can't do any work right?

kid's idea: The caterpillars played princess and sang and danced all weekend.
my thoughts: how exactly do you "play princess"? I should ask this child how that is done before Lila is old enough to do this...I have a strong need to be a hip mom

More to come tomorrow....

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