Monday, February 16, 2009

Total whiner

That's me! While indulging my OCD side by labeling ALL of the posts on this blog, I realized that the label used the most is titled "venting". Seth rarely (basically never) posts so the winner of total whiner goes to yours truly. You know what though, I'm pretty sure I would be a nastier person in my day to day life if I didn't vent on here. So let's just say I am doing everyone I come across in a given day a favor.

Anyway, I do want to try not to be such a whiner. I will still be venting, but I am going to try really hard to counteract the venting with a new label titled (as of right this minute) "appreciating". So here goes.

I SO appreciate that Seth has rubbed off on me in some ways. We decided this weekend that we are going to start yet another minor house repair. This is truly how we work so follow me here. We went to Home Depot to pick out a paint color for the baby's room. We began talking about how our bathroom needs to be closed off to actually be a master bathroom. Right now, what is supposed to be the master bathroom is really a jack and jill bathroom leading directly into what will be the baby's room. Seeing as how we re tiled the "master bathroom" not that long ago, the thought of having to tile more in that bathroom is daunting. SO, I got the brilliant idea to wall of the door on the baby's room side and create a recessed shelving area on the bathroom side where the doorway would have been. Sounds complicated I'm sure, but Seth ran with it. Instead of buying paint we bought dry wall and wood for shelving. And to take it a step further, we have been talking about changing out the doors in our house as well. Why? Because our house is old and there isn't one door in the whole house that shuts. Seriously, they don't shut and the doorknobs are falling off. We then decided to redo two doors a month.

All day Sunday became the next adventure in house repairs. Typically, I would have lost my mind or would be in the process of losing my mind because we now have new albeit unpainted doors with no doorknobs yet. BUT, Seth has rubbed off on me and I'm not as concerned as I would have been in the not so distant past. I really appreciate that. I also appreciate that he likes to do this stuff himself. We are basically living in the longest "flip this house" episode possible. By the time this house is perfect we will probably move out! I will take pictures though and post them so the above repairs make sense.

PS - Many people have requested I post pictures of myself on the blog seeing as how I am large and in charge now. The problem is, I have a hard time just standing in the den asking Seth to take some shots of me and we haven't been anywhere recently where pictures have been taken. I am doing the Merrick's Walk (raises money for treatment of those struggling with eating disorders) with my friend Leigh this weekend, so I am going to see if someone will take a picture of us. If not, then I will just put the knocked up T-shirt back on and take a more updated picture. :-)

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