Sunday, February 22, 2009

In the home stretch...

That word, stretch, encompasses my emotional and physical state in one word:


In the third trimester I am now unable to comfortably stretch to put on my socks and shoes. The maternity clothes are no longer roomy and comfortable, but instead they are barely stretching to fit and never seem quite comfortable enough. I think I need a mu mu. Every time I eat, it seems the skin on my stomach is stretching before my very eyes. Baby Burrow seems to stretch out in all directions many times a day...I play a guessing game of what appendage is in which organ...a foot in the ribs, a hand firmly placed on the bladder, and the rear end lovingly shoved into the belly button like maybe it could break free seems to be the favorite. I have yet to find a pair of shoes that stretch to meet the needs of my feet. I have some fake Uggs from Target that are really ugly that I wear every day because they are huge already. I never really was very fashion conscious anyway.

It would be a stretch to think I was going to go this whole pregnancy without getting overly emotional. I'm pretty sure I cried every single day last week. While I am absolutely positive I had very good reason, it doesn't change the fact that it kept happening. At the same time, there are moments of sheer euphoria (see the guessing game above) that leave me feeling like I could do cartwheels in the front yard. This must be what it feels like to be bipolar.

At any rate, I am in the home stretch. I went to Merrick's Walk today with my friend Leigh and I met her five week old baby Ansley. I know I still have two months to go, but I am so ready for this little one to make it's debut and seeing little Ansley solidified that for me. The 2.6 mile walk was great at the time, but after coming home and sitting down for a few minutes I realized maybe I should have just walked in the Uggs feet are unhappy to say the least.

Seth is still busy at work on the latest renovations. Pictures are coming soon!

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