Thursday, January 15, 2009

TOTALLY random

1) Latest addition to the "I want you to know" list (care of the side of my Starbucks cup no less!)
"The world bursts at the seams with people ready to tell you you're not good enough. On occasion, some may be correct. But do not do their work for them. Seek any job; ask anyone out; pursue any goal. Don't take it personally when they say "no" - they may not be smart enough to say "yes"."
-Keith Olbermann (Broadcast journalist and host of MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann)

2) If you were to ask me what is one great thing about being a teacher, today I would give you a very shallow answer: walking down the hall on your birthday and every kid you see is anxiously awaiting to tell you happy birthday, even if you have no idea who they are. My principal announces teacher birthdays on the morning announcements which is such a splendid idea in my opinion.
**Side note - If you were to ask me why you should join Facebook if you haven't already I would tell you that you should simply because everyone in creation wishes you a happy birthday on Facebook. People I haven't seen or talked to in YEARS are wishing me a happy birthday.

3) I am devising a list of random and bizarre side effects (for lack of a better phrase) of being pregnant that people don't always clue you into. This is not a medically proven list, but I have actually read that these things may or may not randomly happen when you are PG. I know I am listing things a lot lately, but I am doing it in the hopes that someone will add to the lists (hint, hint). So here is how the latest list begins:
1) Bloody nose/boogers (I have never in my life, that I recall, had a bloody nose or
booger. Seth claims they happen to people all the time. TOTALLY GROSS.)
2) Outrageous and horrible dreams (I dreamt I married my friend Kim and we went
house hunting together and her dress was really pretty. Enough said. I love you Kim, but I am sure you find this to be as odd as I do.)
3) Acne (I have never had great skin, but when I was on birth control I never had
problem skin. Now, I feel like a freaking teenager.)
Ok, so the list is pretty short so far. There are some things that I just refuse to tell the general public and if you have ever been prego you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. I just can't bring myself to list them here. Let's just say the list would be longer right now if I felt like people would not be thoroughly appalled by me instead of hopefully just amused.

4) Fun thought for the day: I have simply become obsessed with watching my belly move when the baby moves. For some reason there is an alien feeling about it that causes me to go into fits of belly laughs (deep, uncontrollable laughing that is PERFECT).

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