Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A hop, skip, and a jump....

Here's what the holidays look like for the Burrows (or many families these days I'm sure)....

Christmas eve....dinner at Seth's uncle Skip's house
Christmas day....breakfast at Seth's mom's, dinner at Jana's mom's
Friday and Saturday night....Christmas in Americus (Jana's grandparents)
Sunday night and Monday night....Christmas in Warner Robins (with Jana's dad and his side of the family but without Seth who has to work)

New Year's is still a major toss up for us...I mean, who wants to party like it's 2009 with a pregnant chick? Seriously though, I certainly don't want to sit at home, but I am unsure of what sounds like I will last the longest at. We shall see.

I also want to pat myself on the back (or not, I'm not sure) for just a minute. I made at least 6 trips to Perimeter mall, probably 10 to Target, and for good measure 8 to 10 more stops at other various stores. All of this occurred and we don't even have kids yet. I think either my planning skills, shopping skills, time management, or all of the above will need to rapidly improve in the future. It's a good thing I am teacher and I have been off of work and able to go to all of these places. It may also help in the future to not be pregnant with achy feet after a few hours. Either way, I stuck it out and all within the week before Christmas (and also without becoming a scrooge). Go me!

Merry Christmas!!!

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