Friday, November 14, 2008

our nameless child

It appears that naming the upcoming newest member of the Burrow family has turned into a bit of a struggle for me. I did say for me and not for us because Seth has been rather flexible and open about it (amid some really interesting suggestions that I veto 99% of the time). I, on the other hand, am being rather difficult. It's not because I am pregnant and hormonal either. We were at the hockey game tonight randomly talking about names again and I finally came to the realization that nothing sounds good enough. That's rather cocky of me isn't it? Well, it's the truth. AND, we aren't finding out what we are having so the need for more than one name is daunting as well.

There are girl names I kind of like. I mean, if I really sat down and hashed it out I could pick one. Boy names are a totally different story. I keep dreaming that we are having a girl....some would say that's a sign....others would probably say that's my subconscious avoiding a decision because, well, that's what I do. I'm indecisive and fickle. But seriously, this name thing is so....permanent. You can't change your mind in a year. You can't even change it in a week. I mean, I guess you can but for arguments sake (and for the sake of all things normal) let's just say you can't. Boy names are hard for me because I have to be able to picture myself calling a little boy the name and calling a teenager the name. I am a teacher so about 20 names are automatically out the window. I love my family but the names are just not exactly appealing.

I would say send comments of suggestions but I don't want to show just how ridiculous this is has become for me by shooting down any well meaning ideas. If you are ballsy enough, feel free to comment.

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  1. Just name the kid "Toby" and get it over with.

    I now submit 3 justifications for why this is a good choice:

    - Versatility! It could be a boy or a girl (as I'm constantly reminded by people thinking I might be female when they've only seen my name on paper or e-mails)

    - Uniqueness! Most humans aren't named Toby; however, most people's pets ARE named Toby. So, if you happen to accidentally birth a dog or cat, don't name it Toby.

    - Mystery (read: confusion)! Is it "Tobi" or "Toby"? What's it short for, "Tobias" or "Tobin" or "Tobit"? Who knows?!


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