Monday, October 20, 2008

The Big Challenge

If you haven't noticed, I haven't written in quite some time about going to the gym. That's because we haven't been going. When being PG hit and sleeping/nausea took over it seemed truly insane to me that I would even consider getting up at 4:50 to lift weights. Since I was the alarm clock in the process, Seth inadvertently got sucked into my total unabashed lack of concern about exercise. We kept saying we would go when I started feeling better and I would just swim or do cardio or something while he lifted weights. When you keep saying something will happen it usually doesn't....and that's where we're at.

Now I know that my blogging hasn't been nearly as constant as it was when I first started (and I am working on that because I really do love it) but I also know that Seth probably never checks the blog anymore. So I have a few purposes for telling you about his big challenge...

one - to get him to log back on to our blog
two - to really be supportive
three - to again hope that telling more people will motivate him not to quit

Seth and his boss Mark have challenged each other to a weight loss wager. Their company goes to Vegas every year so the winner has to fork over some money for something in Vegas....I can't remember what that was exactly. That trip is in about a month. So the idea is to see who can lose the most weight in a month.

My challenge to you is to leave encouraging comments for Seth....I am going to tell him he needs to check in on the blog so show him some love!


  1. Seth! I think you can beat Mark! You are such a hot stud and I can't imagine how good you will look all buff and in shape! By the way, take care of my Jana and that little baby till I get back!

  2. You can do it!!! Consistency is the key. I believe in you! Plus, we have to give Marc money if you lose--so kick some arrrsss!

  3. Seth, my treat at Five Guys today.... Heck all next week if you would like!!! - Marc


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